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Super Bowl LI is just around the corner.  We are big football fans in our house. Once we have decided where to watch the game, it is time to start thinking about food.  This will be my first Super Bowl with an Instant Pot®. In the past, I have used my slow cooker to make chili or meatballs.  This year I am making pulled pork sandwiches in my Instant Pot® and am so excited to share the recipe with you.  This sandwich is sweet, savory, full of crunch, and a little messy.  I love it and think it will be the perfect thing to serve on Sunday. Even if you don’t care about football, these sandwiches should be on your to-make list. Yummy.


​I love Orange Chicken.  There is an old-school Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood. Its décor has not been updated since the 1940s and they make a couple of things really well – namely Egg Rolls and Orange Chicken.  Orange Chicken is deep fried deliciousness, covered in a sweet and sticky sauce. I only get a craving for it about once a year, which is good, because it’s not exactly a health food. Plus, deep frying is not something I want to take on in my kitchen. I decided to try and adapt the flavors into a healthier version for theInstant Pot®.  It was a huge success.


If I  put a recipe on this site, I obviously like it enough to share.  There are at least 10 recipes in my “drafts” folder that aren’t quite ready, or may never be. Many of them are for pork loin. I have not been able to create a shareworthy recipe – until now. ​Instant Pot® Asian Pork Loin ​is a home run. Previous attempts at making a pork loin in the Instant Pot® were dry with a flavorless sauce. If there is one thing I HATE, it is dry pork (I also do not like flavorless sauces.)  This pork was luscious. When served with the gingery, garlic sauce, it made for a real crowd pleaser.


Happy New Year! I hope the New Year brings you health and happiness.  In the spirit of good health, I feel like I have to make a little confession. I don’t really like kaleIt’s too bitter, I’d rather eat a potato chip and there are other greens that I prefer in my smoothies, so why do I feel the need to keep trying to like it? It turns out that there are two ways to prepare it that I do not mind, so I guess I don’t TOTALLY  hate kale.  If it is shredded and massaged in tasty vinaigrette, it’s pretty good. I also enjoy it in a soup like this. It holds up really well pressure cooking in the Instant Pot® and seems to lose some of its bitterness as it cooks.