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Instant Pot® Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake -

The holiday season is upon us.  While I spend Thanksgiving enjoying apple and pumpkin pies, as soon as December rolls around it is time for cookies and cheesecake. Last year, I made an Egg Nog Cheesecake and it was a big hit with my family.  I knew I wanted to make another cheesecake that I could share at holiday gatherings. I grabbed a box of peppermint sandwich cookies at Trader Joe’s this week and I immediately thought about making a chocolate cheesecake in the Instant Pot®.  If you haven’t made a cheesecake in your Instant Pot®, I encourage you to try it.  It is pretty foolproof and makes a pretty impressive dessert.


It’s that time of year again, as people plan for their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping and look for the best deals. I’ve put together a list of the different Instant Pot® options on Amazon with current prices. I expect that prices should drop on Black Friday, possibly as soon as Thanksgiving evening, so keep checking back.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love gathering with family and loved ones over great conversation, amazing food, and an overall feeling of gratitude.  We have a lot of family at our table with different dietary needs, and at Thanksgiving we make it a point to have at least one favorite for every person.  We have a couple of vegetarians and a vegan.  We have little kids and big kids. We even have some adults who are a little (or a lot) picky.  One thing that most everyone seems to love and doesn’t require any modifications is Cranberry Sauce. Here is an easy recipe for Cranberry Sauce prepared in the Instant Pot®.


I have another recipe for Italian Sausage Sandwiches on the blog and I believe it is the ONLY recipe that uses the “slow cooker”function on theInstant Pot® on my entire site. That recipe is a family favorite that uses pizza sauce and mushroom gravy as the sauce.  I was going to make it this week for dinner, but I couldn’t find mushroom gravy.  Since it isn’t the healthiest anyway, I decided to update the recipe using the “pressure cooker” function, for a quick, easy, and delicious weeknight meal.  While I love our old standby, this recipe is faster and uses easy to find ingredients.


Happy November! I love November.  It is one of my favorite months.  I love how quiet nature becomes in preparation for winter. I love brisk walks cuddled under sweaters, hats, and mittens.  More than anything, I love the food. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I roast root vegetables to go along side our hearty dinners. I make pies and crisps with apples.  But pears? I tend to forget about them.  Sure, I buy them and slice them up for snacks, but  aside from that, not much more happens. They are under-appreciated in my house and more deserving of center stage. Today, my boys are off from school, so instead of a quick bowl of cereal, I decided to make something a bit more satisfying. I had several perfectly ripe pears and I knew combined with fall spices, maple syrup, and steel-cut oatmeal in theInstant Pot®, they would be delicious.  Pears were certainly the star of this show.