Instantly Delicious

Quick Home made Jook (congee)

I used some left over rice, a little chicken seasoning, ginger and water.

Start off with 2x as much water as rice, a slice of ginger and chicken seasoning. Add water while cooking until rice is mushy like porridge/oatmeal.  I let mine simmer for about 15 min (adding water as needed). Its topped with dried pork and chilli flakes! :) mmmm…


Kona Grill Happy Hour

Amazing. Haha. Cant say its very fast because you end up waiting for atleast 30 min to get a table, BUT I had 1 sushi roll, ahi tuna and avocado rolls for abt $10! And of course it was delicious :)

Ramen 🙂

Plain and simple:

Go buy An Sung Tang Myun ramen at the store, go to sushi section and get ginger and seaweed, cook ramen and add ginger, top with seaweed and you have a delicious meal! Opt: add an egg when ramen is nearly done cooking

Seared Tilapia with Sesame Salad


I made my own salad dressing! It was actually a lot of fun. First I started toasting some pine nuts (I keep these frozen so that I always have them on hand). Then I finely chopped a clove of garlic and ginger and put it in a bowl with 1 egg yolk, some sugar, a little rice wine vinegar and a pinch of salt.  As I was mixing these ingredients I slowly started to add some sesame oil until it looked like dressing!

After I had my dressing made.. caramelized slices of onions in a pan with butter. While that was cooking,  I sprinkled a fillet of tilapia with some garlic powder, onion powder and salt.  When the onions had finished caramelizing I removed them from the pan and cooked my fish in the remaining butter with a little sesame oil. Let it brown on both sides. Then all that was left was plating.

Start with a pile of Spring Mix, sprinkle pine nuts and onions, place fish on top and then cover everything in dressing :) It was as simple as that! Happy Eating.


So I never thought these pre-made smoothies would actually be good…but omg was I wrong. It was so delicious I don’t even know how to describe how shocked I was. The process was also really cool.  There is a freezer filled with these smoothies/milk shakes.  You simply choose your flavor…

…Strawberry Banana (my fav)

Insert into cup holder and select desired thickness…

Instant smoothie!

Unfortunately they do have a lot of sugar and aren’t as healthy as eating say..a Jamba Juice smoothie.  But it was quick, easy and pretty fun to make… Happy Drinking!


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Sesame Balls- Dim Sum



YUM- Sesame balls filled with red bean paste.  These are from Lao Si Chuan, a Chinese restaurant off of N Military in San Antonio.  They’re great because they’re about the size of a ping pong ball and come in an order of 10 (3 orders pictured above… me and my friends each got one! haha) I always take some home and warm them up in the toaster for breakfast :)

Fish Tacos with Spring Mix!

No meat today!  So for lunch I decided to have fish tacos.  I had some of the Gordon Fisherman frozen battered fish in my freezer so I popped that into the oven first.  Took out a par-baked tortilla (so much better than the ready made ones) put it on the hot pan to cook. and in the mean time mixed up some sauce.  I love experimenting with sauce.  This one I used slaw dressing, paprika, Cajun seasoning for some spice and a little bit of rice vinegar and sugar to thin it out.  It was pretty delicious! I didn’t have any cabbage/ shredded lettuce so I used Spring Mix and also a slice of onion.  Overall I’d say it took me about 30 min to make this (simply because the fish takes a while to preheat/bake)…Happy Eating! :)

Fried Rice with Fish


It’s Ash Wednesday! That mean’s no meat today and no meat on Fridays from now until Easter.  I decided to start my Lent season with some fried rice topped off with green beans and tilapia.  I used the pre-packaged frozen tilapia that I always have in my freezer, left over rice from a previous dinner and frozen green beans.The tilapia is seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and white pepper then pan fried in chili oil and vegetable oil.  The rice is made with onions, garlic, ginger, egg, soy sauce, rice wine and soy sauce.  I sprinkled everything with lao gan ma, which is a Chinese chili oil.  Finally the green beans were just steamed with a little garlic powder.  Took about 20 min, start to finish, to make this :)


Gma’s Grapefruit


I saw grapefruit in the supermarket yesterday and decided to relive my childhood.  When I was a kid, my grandma would cut a grape fruit in half, run the knife around the edges inside, sprinkle sugar/honey on the grape fruit and eat it for breakfast almost every day.  So that’s exactly what I did this morning!  If you run the knife around each little segment in the grapefruit it helps to be able to scoop out each piece :).

Blueberry Muffins..mmm antioxidants

Quick and healthy breakfast to start off my week:

Over the past few days I felt like I was getting sick, so I decided to pump myself with as much antioxidant/ Vitamin C goodness as possible.  Started my morning with a cup of green tea and then I baked some delicious blueberry muffins.  I used Betty Crocker muffin mix. Only took 25 min start to finish!

Makes 1 dozen normal sized muffins or…. 6 reg muffins and 12 mini muffins!

You will need milk, eggs and oil for this recipe.