Can You Put Foil In An Air Fryer?

Foil is Quite Useful in the Kitchen
If you are planning on grilling, roasting, baking, or air frying any type of food, an air fryer would be your most practical choice. This is why people all around the globe use it for preparing food.

The question at hand is: is it a good idea to put a foil in it? To put it in one word, the answer would definitely be yes. Among other things, however, it depends on the type of food you are willing to cook in it.

One of the things making this tool very useful is its easy use and cleaning. Given the fact it uses little to no cooking oil, it is an ideal device for people who want to lean more toward healthy food.

Is It Safe To Prepare Food with Foil in an Air Fryer?

Research has shown that food cooked with foil in an air fryer is pretty harmless and even useful for eating. The foil doesn’t add any risk to the food while cooking.

Of course, this material contains some aluminum but it doesn’t do any harm to humans. This amount of aluminum is not adverse to our health and we already take in some amounts of it through tap-water and refined food.

This amount is so small that it is negligible. However, you should be careful not to consume huge amounts of foil sheets through food since it may result in health problems.

This means you need to check how much of the food you consume was wrapped in aluminum foil. The good news is that there is no need to worry about the health risk if the food gets wrapped and cooked well.

Can You Place Aluminum Foil In the Bottom of an Air Fryer?

You should never use the foil on the base. This can’t be disputed. Yet, it is fine to use the aluminum foil on the basket in a different way. You should avoid the base because it collects dirt and grease. Also, you are preventing the air flow by covering that area with aluminum.

This may also affect the way you are preparing the food. Thus the results of your cooking may be less than satisfactory.

Can You Use Foil When Cooking High Acidic Food in an Air Fryer?

Fruits, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and dishes made with vinegar belong to the group of acidic foods. Foods that have high levels of salt or otherwise spiced food may affect the aluminum foil. In such cases, the foil decomposes and leaves small black specks on the food. It is best to avoid this, of course.

These specks are not dangerous when consumed, but they affect the taste of your food which in result gets a ‘metallic’ flavor. This can be avoided, however, if you store food in aluminum foil, convection ovens, or use better brands of air fryers.

How Does Air Fryer Work with Foil?

Cutting-edge air technology enables the functioning of an air fryer. Its mechanism provides the transfer of hot air into the cooking compartment. To ensure the food is well-cooked, the device’s temperature and time control can be toggled. We will provide you with some useful tips on how to use air fryer with foil in the best way:

Make Enough Space For the Food

There are different sizes of air fryers. This means you should choose the one that will be the right size for the food you want to prepare. You should also make sure there is enough space between the food pieces in the basket. This is important for the adequate supply of hot air.

Cover the Food with Aluminum Foil

If you intend to bake, you can use the foil to wrap the food. In case there is no mesh at the bottom of the air fryer, an aluminum foil will be a great solution. Dust will never reach the food if you arrange things in this way. You should prevent the foil from touching the heating elements. You can do this by placing it at the bottom of the heating mechanism.

Check The Progress Once In A While

Don’t hesitate to keep on checking the progress in the midway when cooking the food in the air fryer. Checking will help you enhance even cooking by flipping the food from time to time.

Can You Use Baking Paper in the Air Fryer?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can. Such practice has became widespread of late. Some resourceful producers have begun supplying the shops with punctured baking paper. This is a way to make do-it-yourself methods even more successful.

Their design revolves around being practical for the user. They can save you tons of time in case the air fryer is something you use often. If you have more time, you can make holes on the surface without paying extra for perforated foil.

What is the List of Things You Shouldn’t Put in an Air Fryer?

Prepare Chicken Seamlessly in Your Air Fryer Using Foil
We have concluded that the air fryer works by circulating warm air all through the food-preparation area. Taking that into account, avoid putting small amounts of food while cooking. It may blow inside your air fryer and make a mess in the cooking space.

On the list of things to avoid are definitely wet doughs. There is a big risk for the batter to blow all around the air fryer. This will make even a bigger mess inside the cooking space.

To avoid this you have to ensure that the batter is thicker than the ones you usually prepare. This is a way to make sure the batter keeps its shape instead of exploding inside the air fryer.


  • Which air fryer producers are suitable for the use of aluminum foil or parchment paper?

Models produced by Philips, Gourmia, Gowise, Nuwave, or Power are suitable for using aluminum foil or/and parchment paper. Don’t hedge doing this as long as the paper or foil doesn’t clog or bar the air fryer fan.

  • What kinds of foods are most suitable to be cooked in air fryer foil packet meals? Try some veggies laying in a bed of herbs in the foil wrap, chicken and salmon when it comes to packet air fryer meals. You can find many recipes of preparable air fryer foil packet meals on the internet.
  • Is it advisable to use an air fryer without a mesh? The answer is yes. Any pan that is safe to be used in a convection oven in an air fryer is suitable. The lack of space in the air fryer, however, is a problem in such situations. Some type of fryer accessories or a pan without a handle may be a better option than ordinary pans. All this means cooking in an air fryer without the basket is possible.


When it comes to air fryers, it is a handy tool that can be useful to prepare many types of food.

Make sure that you are cautious and well informed about the possible risks when experimenting with using foil in your air fryer.

It seems like you are good to go as long as you keep a couple of things in mind when you deal with aluminum foil while cooking. It’s all about balance, and getting things right, like in most things in life.