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Instant Pot® Buffalo Chicken Wings

In my family, fall means football.  Football means family. Family means food.  Most Sundays, if we aren’t attending a Bears home game, we are at my parents, gathered around the TV, surrounded by never ending snacks and food.  Staples include chips, salsa, and nacho cheese. We also have popcorn which my dad makes in the whirley-pop and my mom makes some sort of comfort food (we are Bears fans – we need it) and a delicious dessert. Last weekend, I decided to make my own wings in the Instant Pot® for NFL Sunday.  They were awesome and a perfect addition to the non-stop feast. Plus, they are slightly less fattening, because they are not deep-fried in oil.


Do you love hummus and guacamole? ​Avocado Hummus is a beautiful marriage between the two. I pureed avocado, lime juice, and cilantro with chickpeas that I prepared in the Instant Pot® pressure cooker. It could not be simpler to whip up a batch of hummus before a party, barbecue, or just to have in the fridge for a healthy snack. I like to freeze beans that I prepare in the Instant Pot®, so I can make hummus and dips whenever I want.