Best Burr Grinder for Aeropress

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For years, the Aeropress has been the gold standard for coffee drinkers. Despite its elegant and simple design, the Aeropress has more complexity than you might think

Yes, the device was created by a person who designs toys. But that doesn’t mean you should immediately break all your brewing method rules.

You should use freshly ground beans each time you use your Aeropress. With this in mind, it’s helpful to consider getting a grinder, which will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your beans.

Fresh Ground Coffee Is Always Better

When you’re buying coffee, you should know that whole bean coffee will always be better than pre-ground beans. Whole beans are able to retain freshness levels that ground beans simply can’t compete with.

Almost the minute that coffee beans are ground, they begin to become stale. The flavor in coffee comes from oils and compounds.

Because ground beans have a greater surface area with exposure to the air, the evaporation and degradation of these oils occurs much more quickly than with whole beans.

Some people believe buying pre-ground coffee in a vacuum seal will mitigate these effects. But airtight packaging isn’t enough to keep beans from losing their delicious flavor.

The only way to ensure you get the boldest flavors is by purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself. Regardless of what type of grind you decide on, this method will keep you from losing subtle flavors.

Burr Grinders Are Better Than Blade Grinders

If you’re going to grind your coffee, you need to pick a grinder. Many newbies pick the cheapest option they can find, usually a blade grinder available in any particular box store. But this is a huge mistake.

Blade grinders won’t give you the consistency that a burr grinder will, which means your extraction will be inconsistent.

This leads to acidic and bitter flavors being over-extracted from the smaller coffee particles, while your desirable flavors become lost in the much bigger particles.

In addition to this, blade grinders use metal blades that generate a great deal of heat. This can alter your flavors entirely, particularly if you’re using a light roast.

Burr grinders use their nested, conical shape to make sure coffee is evenly crushed. They’ll be a little more expensive than blade grinders, but the jump in quality is well worth it.

A burr grinder will give you consistent grinds, whereas a blade grinder will leave you unsure what you’re about to drink.

We’ve put together our top 4 burr grinders for coffee lovers.

Comparison Table:

ProductDimensions Weight Capacity Height
#1. Porlex Mini
Our Best Pick

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47 x 130 mm 9.6 ounces 20 grams 130 mm
#2. Rednax Hand Crank

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2 x 2 x 7.5 inches 7.4 ounces 4 tablespoons 190.5 mm
#3. Onyx Kitchen Premium Grinder

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1.9 x 1.9 x 7.5 inches 9.4 ounces Several tablespoons 190.5 mm
#4. Bevalig Ceramic Conical Grinder

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2.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches 6.4 ounces Several tablespoons 228.6 mm

Our Top 4 Best Grinders for the Aeropress

#1. Porlex Mini

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For many people, the Porlex Mini is a go-to grinder for manual burrs. The stainless steel body and elegant design allow it to match the Aeropress in its function and design.

Over the last few years, the design has gone through several upgrades, which have left it with a greater structural integrity.

The stainless steel body construction keeps the Porlex from getting banged up in your kitchen.

Because it’s so durable, this grinder is great for people going camping or needing their coffee on a business trip. Traveling is always easier with a coffee grinder.

This grinder can handle coarse to fine ranges, which means it can take both French press and Espresso beans. Because of its small size, though, it can only make a cup or two of coffee.

#2. Rednax Hand Crank

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This coffee grinder comes with easily adjustable settings that allow you to make a variety of coffees. Settings include Turkish, percolator, drip, Espresso, pour over, and French press coffees. As such, this is a perfect fit for the Aeropress.

The stainless steel construction allows the grinder to stand up to repeated use. Also included is an ergonomic handle that allows the production of finer grinds, which tend to take longer by hand.

The grinder includes a cleaning brush and measuring scoop, so you can ensure the grinder is always in the best condition.

The small window lets you watch your grind’s process. There’s room for 4 tablespoons, which is around 4 cups of coffee.

#3. Onyx Kitchen Premium Grinder

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This ceramic grinder has adjustable settings that let you create grinds ranging from coarse to fine.

Stainless steel construction creates corrosion resistance and makes the grinder lightweight when used for hand grinding.

The grinder is easy to dissemble and reassemble to clean. This is ideal if you plan to roast any dark roast beans, which can be rather oily.

The small plastic peep window lets you view the grind in progress, although this makes the grinder non-ideal for people who dislike plastic.

#4. Bevalig Ceramic Conical Grinder

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This grinder has a shocking 18 settings that allow you to grind your beans to perfection, regardless of what type of grind you want.

Some people also use the grinder for their spices and herbs because of the huge range of available grinds.

Another stainless steel design, this grinder is crafted to last a while. Also included are accessories such as a scoop, cleaning brush, and travel pouch.

The scoop even comes with a clip that ensures your bag of beans stays closed.

Final Thoughts

The Porlex Mini is the best option for travelers who need a portable grinder. For home users, the Bevalig Ceramic Grinder will serve you best.

The Rednax Hand Crank is best for durable construction, while the Onyx Kitchen is easiest to reassemble and disassemble to clean.

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