Best Chef Knife Under 100 Bucks (Top 6 Compared and Reviewed)

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Regardless if you want to have a go at cooking at home or if you are looking to jump start a lucrative career as a professional chef it is important that you have selection of high quality chef knives that are going to allow you to cut with ease and also last you many years. However, chef knifes are not cheap with large part of them costing well over $100 with some costing $1000 or even more. Don’t worry because in this article we are going to be comparing and reviewing six different products to help you find the best chef knife under 100 dollars.

Best Chef Knife Under 100 Dollars Reviews

KUMA Professional Damascus Steel Knife

Manufactured by an American company that specializes in knifes that are created using ancient Japanese methods and also the luxurious Damascus steel that is loved for being flexible while also strong allowing it to cut through any type of food when properly sharpened. This is achieved as Damascus knives are made from multiple layer of metal that are all forged together, in total this particular knife is made up fo 67 separate pieces of metal which is amazing considering that this chef knife is priced at under 100 dollars.

Key Features:

Marketed as a multi purpose knife that is great for a lot of tasks from cutting vegetables all the way to cutting tough pieces of meat as well as thin pieces of bone. This is key as you should not be carrying around or keeping a large number of knives that are each for niche tasks, instead you should just have on knife that allows you to cut pretty much anything in the kitchen.

A high quality handle is built in with the main piece of metal that helps provide a comfortable experience this knife which is important if you are going to be using this knife nearly everyday or for long periods of time at once. Uncomfortable knives can cause short time pain and even blisters which makes them dangerous as you cannot have a strong grip.

Linked to comfortability, the creators of this knife have made sure to use only the highest quality metals to make sure that the knife is lightweight but at the same time very strong. Apart from making the knife more pleasant to use as there is less strain on your arms it also makes the cutting process more efficient as you can apply force on a smaller point allowing the knife to cut even through the toughest meats as if it is cutting through butter.


  • Very easy to sharpen.Great value for money.
  • Very sharp and it comes pre-sharpened ready to be used.
  • Forged using the highest quality materials and ancient craftsmanship techniques.
  • Great for professional chefs.


  • Known to rust fairly quickly if not dried properly after washing.


Suitable for beginners and recommended for both beginner and experienced chefs, the knife is very durable and thanks to the materials used and how it is made it is great value for money.

Best price

J.A. Henckels International Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Created by J.A Henckels which is one of the biggest and oldest knife manufacturers in the world with the company first being founded in Germany in the year 1731 making the company over 280 years old as of writing this article.

Key Features:

The knives are loved worldwide for their top quality craftsmanship and in many restaurants in the world they are a must have tool for the chefs working there. All the knives are made using top quality stainless steel that is satin finished allowing it to be cleaned much more easily and to retain the original look that it had when first bought.

This 8-inch chef’s knife also boasts a triple rivet handle that is created specifically to accommodate for the natural curvature of a person’s hand providing your hand with extra comfort while also allowing you to have a much better grip when cutting.

Also you have the choice of including three engravings on your knife but they have to be chosen from a pre-selected list. Regardless this allows you to customize your knife and make it more personal to you.


  • Created by a reputable manufacturer.A lightweight knife so you will not get tired when using it.
  • Great for both use at home and in a professional setting.
  • A good grip that prevents the knife from sliding out of your hand.
  • Forged using carbon steel that is both durable and easy to clean.


  • Does not come with a warranty.


Manufactured by one of the world’s most known and respected knife manufacturers out there, if you are looking for a top quality chef’s knife then you should have no worries when buying one from here.

Best price

Saken Chef Knife

Made by another Germany manufacturer, despite being priced at a fairly cheap compared to some of the other knives on this list the Saken Chef Knife comes with a luxury appearance and many features that make it a strong contender on this list of the six best chef knives under $100. On the retailer’s official Amazon page it says that this knife is targeted at both casual and also professional cooks who are looking for a reliable knife for all kinds of kitchen tasks.

Key Features:

The first thing you will notice when you look at this knife is its sleek and simplistic design that makes it look extremely stylish. Moreover, this knife comes in a neat little rectangular box that contributes to the luxury experience that the Saken knife company is aiming for. Although this does not affect the performance of this knife in anyway it is an added bonus which is quite surprising considering how cheap this knife is.

A satin black handle that hugs the end of the fully forge metal that makes up the blade, the handle is created purposely to be thin and also incorporates a triple rivet handle design that allows your hand to naturally fall into place when cutting food in the kitchen. The handle is placed firmly to the metal using three metal pins on each side that are fuzed to the main part of the metal construction.

Furthermore the metal used to create the blade is purposely designed to be ‘wear resistant’ allowing you to sharpen it hundreds or even thousands of times without seeing any wear and tear. Moreover, the knifes manufacturers claim that the knife is rust resistant thanks to the stainless steel material used in the blade.


  • Great packaging and a very aesthetically appealing knife.
  • Able to cut bread without any problems.
  • A large knife which makes it easy to cut tough foods due to the ability to cut more in one knife cut.
  • Designed to be comfortable.
  • Competitively priced.


  • Prone to rusting if not dried properly after contact with water.


A very good knife for the low price that it is sold for, and you should have no worries when buying it as it comes with a great warranty from its manufacturer and retailer Saken.

Best price

SMTENG Hammered Chef Knife

An elegantly polished knife that comes with a hammered pattern on the top side of the knife above the side where the blade is located that represents droplets giving the knife a unique look. This knife is the cheapest one on this list although it does come with a pretty hefty shipping and imports fee.

Key Features:

The blade is created according to the retailer’s website using a specially selected German metal of 1.4116 stainless steel. The blade is enhanced using a microscopic V-cut that helps provide a smooth and deep incision in whatever that you happen to be cutting, this is boosted by the flexible yet sturdy metal material that allows you to cut accurately.

Another important aspect of this chef’s knife is the handle which is made using a type of wood called Pakkawood which is wood from fairly young trees that is used as the base of the material before being covered a more luxurious type of wood that is much more comfortable to the hand. The handle it also employs an ergonomic design that ensures that your hand is not tired and also a surface that is not slippery even when wet.

Finally this knife comes with a full one year warranty during which you can benefit from a replacement or a full refund if you are not happy with the knife for whatever reason.


  • The blade is made using high quality German steel.
  • A very sharp knife thanks to the v-cut technology incorporated in the design of the blade.
  • Very comfortable with a small handle that allows your hand to fall into place effortlessly.
  • Priced at an affordable price for anyone.
  • Shipped in a minimalist but beautifully designed box.


  • The water droplet engravings may not be to everyone’s liking.


Although this knife is not create by a prestigious or well known manufacturer, it is a good purchase if you are beginner but if you are more advanced it may be best that you consider the other products on this list.

Best price

AKTE Deluxe 8 Inch Professional Chef Knife

Another high quality knife on this list that is made using German steel, manufactured by the AKTE company which apart from creating high quality knives also focus on basic cutlery and also scissors. The company prides itself on its high quality craftsmanship that has been passed down from generations to generations of German craftsman and metal forgers.

Key Features:

The metal used to create this knife goes through a vacuum treating machine to make the overall a lot more robust and tough which increases its durability. After it is treated using the vacuum method, it is handcrafted and hand shaped to provide that luxury experience and to double check every single chef’s knife that they make is up to the high standards that the company aims for.

This knife also in an impressive box that includes a knife stand that can be used for easier transportation and also as a high quality stand for a total of four knives. The stand is made specially to ensure that none of the knives are damaged or made blunt when placed inside.

A very high quality type of metal is also chosen for the main metal alloy in this knife, the metal is X50crmov15 stainless steel which is a German metal that is known for being incredible tough and durable as well as being non-corrosive and also not being prone to rusting as long as the knife is treated well when exposed to water.


  • Unique and sophisticated packaging.
  • Made using durable materials.
  • Can be easily sharpened without any problems.
  • A great gift for all occasions from birthdays to national holidays.
  • Does not rust very easily.


  • Not a very popular brand so you will not be able to find a lot of support online or ask any questions about the knife unless you decide to contact the manufacturers directly.


The company that creates this knife is fairly new but from the little feedback available about their products out there on the internet you can be confident that they are high quality.

Best price

M&G Tranchelard Slicing Knife

An iconic elongated French design, this knife is manufactured by the Martinez & Gascon company that is headquartered in Spain in the city of Albacete. The company is known for selling knifes and other metal cutlery that incorporate traditional European designs mainly from Spain, Germany, Italy and France.

Key Features:

First of all the handle on this knife is triple riveted allowing your three main fingers that you use for gripping to wrap around with ease around the handle of the knife allowing you both comfort but also a tight grip that protects against your hand slipping away due to liquids that may get on the handle while you are cutting up food.

Moreover, this traditional French chef’s knife is designed to be non-corrosive and also resistant to scratches to the surface on the sides of the knife. The manufacturer of the knife also markets it as dishwasher and washing up detergent friendly which makes it great for commercial settings where you need to wash large amounts of plates, cutlery and other types of cooking equipment.

Apart from being much longer than the stereotypical chef’s knife, this knife incorporates an old French design where it is made much thicker on purpose to make it sturdier and easy to control when cutting tougher foods such as meat.


  • Ideal for both professionals and cooking enthusiasts.
  • Great for cutting tough foods.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • It is less likely to snap than your average knife.
  • Ideal for slicing due to its elongated design.


  • If you are looking for stereotypical chef’s knife then this is not the one for you.


A unique knife that is great for people who want to experiment and try something new, it is manufactured by a quality knife maker from Europe.

Best price

Buyers Guide & How to Use Tips

  • When you are buying a knife it is always recommended that you buy it from a reputable manufacturer as there are thousands of small companies running by couples or friends that also manufacture knives but usually for much higher prices and lower product qualities.
  • Also it is good to have in mind why you need that knife and what you are going to be using it most for, as there are knives available for literally anything from vegetables to bread to even fish just to name a few of the options. If you are going to be using it for a few things disproportionally such as cutting fish if that is the focus of the restaurant that you work at then it is best to have a specialized knife for that task. If you are just gonna be using it for all kinds of tasks, then it is best that you get a chef’s knife that is great for all kinds of jobs.
  • Looking out for the type of metal that is used to create the blade for the knife is also a very important point that a lot of inexperienced buyers of chef’s knives fail to consider. As a rule of thumb stainless steel is the type of metal that requires the most frequent sharpening, with Carbon Steel in second place in terms of frequency of sharpening and Damascus Steel requiring the least frequent sharpening allowing you to save time and focus on working or just have fun cooking in your kitchen.
  • Additionally, if the knife that you are interested in buying comes with a storage facility that protects its blades such as a stand that is a big plus and should be a big point of consideration in whether you should purchase that product. This is very important as even if you work all day with that knife, it will still probably spend the majority of the time stored away, if it is placed in a cutlery tray or bucket it will grind against other surfaces that will lead to it becoming blunt.
  • How the knife copes with rust is another important point, rust is the silent killer of most knives out there and it usually happens due to not enough care on the knife owner’s side. One way to prevent rust from forming without any extra effort is to buy knives that are dishwasher friendly, this is because a dishwasher will properly dry the knives leaving no water to cause the growth of rust compared to if you dry it by hand where you are likely to miss a few spots sooner or later.

How to Use Knives Tips

  • Use the full length of your knife’s blade, a lot of people like to use just the middle when cutting by moving the blade quickly back and forth. Instead you should just move the blade slowly from one end to the other. Doing it this way you will also find that you will get less tired as you no longer have to be moving your arms as much as you are doing longer cuts.
  • Make sure to wash your knives if you are cutting different food groups, for example if you are going to be cutting meat you should wash the knife before you start cutting the vegetables. This is to ensure food safety so that no one gets food poisoning and also to not alter the taste of the food, this also applies to the chopping boards that you use to cut food on. In many countries restaurants are required by law to use different chopping boards for different food groups.
  • Slicing backwards is another important tip that you should take into account, this makes sure that you will not by accidentally stab your hand which can happen if you are cutting from back to front.


What Brand of Knives Do Professional Chefs Use?

There is no set brand of knives that professional chef’s use as there quite a few competing brands out there, Henckels, Shun, MAC, Wusthof, Messermeister and Global. The only thing that is for certain is that overwhelming majority of professional invest in high quality knifes that will not just do the job but also last them a very long amount of time. There are knifes out there that cost hundreds of dollars although they have their small benefits overall they have no real advantage compared to the knives under $100 that we have listed in this review article.

What Is the Best Chef’s Knife?

This is another question that can lead to a heated debate, and it is again impossible to answer as there are different knives for different things such as for cutting bread or cutting up fish.

However there are some characters that you should look for when buying a knife such as is the knife sharp, does it have a high quality handle, the weigh of the knife is also very important to prevent you from getting tired and finally the size of the knife makes cutting things up less time consuming.

What Size Chef’s Knife Should I Buy?

If you are a professional chef generally it is recommended to get a knife that is between 8 and 12 inches as the bigger the knife is the less strokes you will have to make to cut something. But if you are just cooking at home an 8 inch knife will do the job as you will not be using it for long periods of time.

Final Conclusion

To summarize, a knife is a worthwhile investment for anyone regardless if you are a chef or just enjoy cooking at home for your loved ones. We hope that we managed to enlighten you with this list of the top knives under $100 that we could find on the internet. Although there are much cheaper knives than the ones that we included in this list those knives are not high quality and will require you to sharpen much more often.

If you do not care that much about the price but more about the quality of the knives, then it is highly recommended that you go with the J.A. Henckels International Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife and also the KUMA Professional Damascus Steel Knife which are both made by reputable companies that have been in business for many years.

Alternatively if you are looking for a great deal that provides value for money then some good options for you will be the SMTENG Hammered Chef Knife or the AKTE Deluxe 8 Inch Professional Chef Knife. These knives can do the same job as the knives listed above and cost half the price, also they come with short warranties.

All of the products on this list have been handpicked because we think they are simply great, so it is up to you to ultimately decide what features and advantages are most appealing to you.

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