Best Coffee Maker Reddit Top Picks For [year]

Were you sometimes thinking of whether the best coffee comes from a Chemex, a French press, or an AeroPress?

Your choice may also be to turn your machine on and let it do all the work for you.

This is why we checked Reddit, to see what experts in coffee had to say. Among them are baristas, roasters, food-industry professionals, and some plain coffee lovers.

All of them are part of the Reddit community, and share their knowledge and ideas with the rest of the world.

Our question to them was which coffee maker will give them a good, simple at-home brew without much fuzz. We reviewed Reddit and found the best coffee makers according to the Reddit community.

Read on for our list of eight favorite coffee makers that might just end up in your kitchen, playing an important part in your process of waking up.

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6 Best Coffee Makers Reddit

1. Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

bonavita 8 cup review
Bonavita Connoisseur is one of the most respected companies in the coffee making industry.

Four of the experts we have talked to recommend this brand as generally the best coffee maker that the Reddit community also recommends, you can get.

This machine’s ability to brew at the proper water temperature is the key feature of the Connoisseur. We heard this from everyone who recommended it.

According to one of our correspondents, owner, and founder of a coffee shop, the temperature is one of the parameters. Most machines don’t achieve it.

There is an agreed-upon standard in the range of 198 and 202 degrees, which is very rarely achieved by most of the machines.

Our correspondent added that this one brews into an insulated thermal carafe.

This means you can evade the risk of burning the coffee by keeping it warm without heating it from below.

Many sources mention another important factor. While brewing, the coffee maker distributes the water over the coffee grounds.

According to experts in the coffee making industry, this is possible with the help of a showerhead-like spout above the filter basket. This one leads to the even showering off all the coffee leading to simultaneous brewing.

Many experts mention that essential to ensuring an even brew is that the machine also has a flat-bottomed brew basket.

They believe this to be among the top secrets of famous coffee shops and restaurants. One of the experts explains that the flat bottom spreads the grounds out on the bed.

This is how it gets easier to distribute the water and ensure an “even extraction”.

When compared to other options on this list, this model may not be as full-featured. There are better options on the market.

Yet, our experts recommend it over other products due to its popular price point. Other factors are its user-friendliness and reliability. As one of our correspondents puts it: “it’s consistent from start to finish”.

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2. BUNN BX Speed Brew

bunn brewer review
This model will be the right choice for you if you are aiming to find a back-to-basics coffee machine that will provide you a solid cup of coffee.

It won’t be a good choice if you want an automated machine that you can set the night before and will wake up with a ready coffee at 7:30 sharp.

We are talking about more basic and smaller coffee machines fit for domestic usage.

This lineup also consists of some solid commercial coffee machines. The layout is quite simplistic and doesn’t include unnecessary nonsense.

Most of our experts agree that it works pretty well and provides a good cup of coffee.

The only thing you need to do is add some water in the reservoir, turn the machine on, set the filter, and activate the switch. It will take only four minutes to brew a pot of coffee.

This coffee maker does not have precise coffee ratios. It still does not resemble some other models of coffee makers that will mess up your brew if the ratio is not right.

Being pretty consistent, the brewer requires about one to two tablespoons of coffee per cup.

When it comes to the coffees that you can use, it can be very versatile.

The model before you has the ability to get very hot in a short period. It needs less than a minute to achieve a temperature of 91 degrees Celsius.

Many experts in this field agree this to be the best temperature to brew coffee without losing aroma or flavor. 

You can be sure that the machine will do its thing by the no-frill layout. It will take less than four minutes to provide you with a pot of amazing coffee.

This is a feature you will find the most useful. Yet, it will be necessary to wait for the machine to get activated in the morning.

It takes 15 minutes for the coffee maker to reach the wanted temperature.

One of the shortcomings of the Bunn BX Velocity Brew that it is difficult to maintain.

It may be very troublesome and arduous to empty and clean its tank. Many users find it very time-consuming which is a disadvantage when compared to other coffee brewers.

Often cleaning is a thing you will have to do with this device.

This machine takes a lot of space and it weighs around some 4.5 kilograms. We know that many users want simpler coffee devices for themselves. This one is a champ when we talk about consistency. You should also read other reviews about it.

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3. OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

This interesting coffee device is going to fulfill your needs if you are serious about your morning coffee routine.

It proved to be pretty consistent in brewing cups of solid coffee. It has earned the Speciality Coffee Association’s Golden Cup qualification, being one of the few manufacturers to do so.

It can brew your coffee in the morning with the help of a programmable timer.

The elegant design of this model is what makes it interesting. It has a transparent reservoir packed in a chassis of stainless steel and black plastic.

A water tank with a size of 1.3L is on the top of its body. The heater is underneath it.

A brew basket that works only with type-4 cone paper filters takes place on the right part. The thermal carafe takes place below it.

This device is quite tall and has a large look. It may represent a problem for people with small kitchens or not much space. All in all, it looks pretty good with its LED display.

There is a round dial underneath it, which is also used as a button. It is very straightforward to make coffee with it.

The first step is to put water in the reservoir.

The next thing is to put some water in the brewer and finally your coffee. For the activation of the machine, you have to select how much coffee you want to brew with it.

Having the choice of how many cups you want your machine to brew is very relaxing.

The producer of the coffee maker has installed a Barista Brain microchip inside the device. This is why it is famous as the “barista brain” system.

The usefulness of this technology is the control of temperature, water flow speed, brewing volume, and time. To achieve ideal results, it balances all these numbers.

One of the shortcomings of the system is that you may get longer brewing times.

The microchip wasn’t effective enough to control the temperatures during the testing of the brewing time. It did a little over-extraction since the average extraction rate was 27%.

Although the coffee was very good, there was an amount of bitterness in its flavor.

The coffee remains hot for about 5 hours thanks to the thermal carafe.

Despite the bitter taste the coffee maker produces, this is a recommendable product due to its favorable price tag. You can also take a look at other reviews that will also give you similar information about this product.

Best price

4. Technivorm Moccamaster 40-ounce Coffee Brewer 

When we asked for the opinion of experts, three of them agreed that this is the second most-recommended coffee maker on the market.

Coffee aficionados who use it said that it is worth the price. We recommend this one if you want to get the best possible equipment.

The Moccamaster got high marks on its temperature-control feature and brewing quality.

This is like the Bonavita Connoisseur.

Its quality of construction is one of the areas where this product stands out from the crowd.

Many experts in the field recommend it to users who want something that is well-made and maintains good temperature control.

We must highlight the fact that Moccamaster is a handmade Dutch product. It has many fans among the big names in the coffee making industry.

Yet, many users tell that brewing mechanics are like those in less-expensive drip coffee makers. The difference is that this one has better parts and more decent construction. You can use it every day for a long time and never face any issues.

You will face no fuss. It is also well designed and will fit your kitchen ambient.

Its design is very pleasing to the eye.

The construction promises that the product will last for a long period. If this was not the case, the experts wouldn’t insist on this product so much. You will have a great coffee with it.

There are many producers of coffee makers, but this one gives one of the best tastes.

Best price

5. Cuisinart DCC-1200BKS

This is the best and most popular drip coffee maker device on the market.

The fan base it created is so large and dependable that they would never change their Cuisinart devices for other coffee makers.

This product remains in the middle of the price range – it is neither cheap nor expensive. Having a three-year warranty, it is very sturdy.

It will always produce great cups of coffee. All in all, this is a very reliable machine.

The design of this product is towards durability. This is the reason some may find it pretty simple. In spite of this, it does not look cheap.

The body of the 1200BKS is smooth. It has a package of black plastic and brushed metal. The layout gives it a pretty contemporary look. It will fit well with your kitchen appliances and designs.

One of the shortcomings in the design of the carafe.

It is laid out so it makes it impossible to get the last drops of coffee without turning the whole device downwards. Be sure to make spacious access to the machine. 

The device is a bit large and the water reservoir is on top of the machine. It also has a solid build and will last you a long time.

You can produce twelve cups of coffee at once. There is also a possibility to customize the coffee making to suit your use and taste with the help of many control options.

The use is pretty simplistic.

All you have to do is insert your beloved blend of coffee in the basket. The coffee device will give you what you want in a nick of time.

Consistent taste is only possible if you keep your coffee machine clean on a regular basis.

This won’t be a problem since the device will remind you to maintain it on time. Under ten minutes you will get twelve cups of coffee at a pleasant and hot temperature.

There is also an option to remove the carafe which will pause the brewing process. You can stop it mid-brew until you continue it by inserting the carafe anew.

What is very surprising for a cheap drip coffee brewer is that it maintains stable temperature all the way.

Your kitchen arsenal will become well-equipped with this machine. This isn’t the choice with the best features or a lavish style.

Yet, we are talking about a pretty solid and durable coffee device. Not to mention its easy maintenance and features. If you love your morning coffee, this will be a must-buy for you.

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6. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

When it comes to coffee making machines, some users say that the most important thing is to keep things simple.

When it comes to brewing equipment, some people choose not to engage with the big “to do” over a lot of nothing.

Mr. Coffee can be a great choice for amateur coffee roasters who want to get a good sip.

We are talking about a plain old model characterized by its simplicity and reliability. Different from other models on the list, this one doesn’t feature a mechanism that will distribute the water well.

There is a tip given by one of our experts when it comes to adding the right amount of water.

After opening the machine up while it brews one should stir the grounds and make if all the grounds get hydrated.

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Final Thoughts

Looking at what could be found on Reddit, we showed you many products with different reliability, design, price-range, sophistication, or size. They all give a pretty decent taste to the coffee so the only thing you need to know is what is your purpose for buying it. Are you getting them for your house or the office? Do you want it to make you many coffees or a few?

The price range is an important thing too but if you know that the device will serve you well, making savings for a pricey one is the right choice. There is nothing that important as having a reliable product in your hands. Also, don’t forget that they all need good maintenance and cleaning to provide good service.