Best Food Processors For Vegans

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Using fresh and whole ingredients in your recipes not only improves their taste it also provides you with many health benefits.

Vegan recipes will often require vast amounts of chopping, kneading, and mixing preparation. While these steps can be done manually, it does take a lot of time.

Food processors are designed to save time by breaking down food items into a consistent and uniform blend. This side by side review compares the Cuisinart 14-cup vs Braun 12-cup food processors, highlighting features that will keep your vegan cooking fast and efficient.

Comparison Table:

ProductDimensions (H x D x W) Capacity Motor Rating Warranty
#1. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY
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16.6 x 12.6 x 9.3 in. 14 Cup 720 Watt 3-Year
#2. Braun FP3020

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14.9 x 11.3 x 15.4 in. 12 Cup 600 Watt 1-Year

Build And Design

Both processors consist of housing for the motor as well as a detachable container. A fundamental build difference is that the Braun’s motor block is six-inches wider.

This allows the Cuisinart to feature a smaller footprint which might be important for cooks with a limited workspace.

Construction Materials

These devices use hard plastics for the housing portions and should withstand typical wear. The Braun is available in white, while the Cuisinart offers more variety with these color combinations:

  • Black – with black accents
  • Copper – with black accents
  • Red – with silver panels and red accents
  • Silver – with black accents
  • Stainless Steel – with black accents

The mixing bowls, lids, and pushers for both processors are made with a transparent plastic. While these components are durable, it should be noted that scratching can occur while mixing hard materials including some spices.

Vegans looking to avoid unnecessary additions to their foods will want to note that the Cuisinart processor is made with BPA-free plastics.

This may be critical for cooks with young family members who are concerned about the use of Bisphenol A hardeners in plastic manufacturing.

Blades And Accessories

These machines use stainless steel blades for processing food items and should provide a durable cutting system that lasts through regular usage.

Another advantage that this steel provides is a sharp cutting edge that can be maintained without constant sharpening.

A variety of blade designs are offered by both manufacturers, but each processor includes only a few of these designs:

  • Braun – kneading disc, latkes blade, S blade, shredding disk, and slicing blade
  • Cuisinart – chopping blade, shredding disc, and slicing disk

Electric Motors

Braun and Cuisinart use DC powered electric motors to power their food processors. The Braun uses a smaller 600-Watt motor, while a 720-Watt motor powers the Cuisinart.

This average power difference can be noticed when chopping larger volumes or when doughs are kneaded.

Feed Tubes

A stand-out feature on the Cuisinart is larger opening offered by the feed tube. This increased size allows you to feed larger food items into the mixing bowl during operation.

The standard opening on the feed tube of the Braun processor will require more preparation to fit food into its mixing canister.

Cuisinart includes both a smaller and larger assembly and pusher, accessories that provide feeding options based on the foods you are working with.

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The Braun provides a capacity of 12 cups and the Cuisinart 14 cups. Potential owners should keep in mind that these ratings are for dry foods and that the maximum liquid capacities will be less than these ratings.

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Additional Accessories

Cuisinart limits additional components to a spatula, while Braun includes a mini-bowl for working with smaller items such as nuts.

A stand-out feature for the Braun processor is the juicer attachment that can be used on citrus fruits and other favorites.

Operating Features

The Cuisinart has an ON and OFF lever for operation. The OFF lever can also be held down for PULSE mode.

Braun provides users with far greater control with an On/Off/Pulse dial and a 15-setting speed dial. The speed adjustment allows the Braun processor to operate with better energy efficiency and more quietly than its counterpart.

Both devices include safety features such as bowl security points that must be engaged before running, but the Braun also requires the lid to be secure before the motor will engage.


The detachable parts on both products are dishwasher safe, with the exception of Braun’s chopper bowl which must be washed with warm water by hand.

All components break down for access to all surfaces but the stems will require a brush or towel to reach into. Note that color-intensive foods can stain the clear plastics. Wiping them with cooking oil before using water can help with this issue.

Product Warranty

Braun offers a standard one-year limited warranty on the FP3020 processor. Cuisinart, on the other hand, provides a three-year limited warranty on the DFP-14BCNY model and a five-year warranty on the electric motor.

Which Is Better?

While the Braun processor offers more accessories and greater speed control, we feel that the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor is a better option.

A stronger motor and greater capacity allow you to process more foods quickly. The extra large opening on the feed tube requires less preparation. Its smaller footprint and variety of colors provide you with greater options.

Finally, Cuisinart’s three-year (five-year on the motor) warranty provides you with greater consumer confidence and protection.

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