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Air frying is becoming an alternative for those looking to fry, grill, or roast without traditional oils. Cooks that have had to give up fried foods for health reasons are surprised at the similar taste achieved with small quantities of alternative oils and heated air.

With less cleaning and preparation, air fryers provide the crisp texture and moist interiors usually found with grease-soaked food.

This review will compare the GoWISE USA 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL vs Secura Extra Large Capacity Hot Air Fryer side by side. Examining the features offered by both will help to determine which one is the best.

Comparison Table:

ProductDimensions (H x W x D) Temp. Range Capacity Warranty
#1. GoWISE USA 8-in-1
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14.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 in. 180 - 400 F 5.8 Qt. 1-Year Limited
#2. Secura Hot Air Fryer

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13.25 x 13.0 x 12.0 in. 180 - 390 F 4.2 Qt. 2-Year Limited

Build Design

Both fryers consist of the main housing, with a sliding compartment. Control and monitoring features are mounted along the front face and upper portions of each product.

Build Materials

Each product uses both hard plastics and metals in their construction. The sliding pans and fryer baskets offer durability against the heat generated during use, while the exterior housing on both units remain cooler and limit skin burns.

Secura’s fryer comes in black only while the GoWISE is available in black, plum, red, and white. This provides more matching options with the 8-in-1 fryer in kitchens with color themes.

Cooking Designs

GoWISE’s 8-in-1 has a 5.8-quart capacity, offering more frying space than Secura’s 4.2-quart pan. The pan and basket setup on these products use a one-handed handle for moving them into and out of the housing.

Each basket can be pulled out of the pan for draining and food removal.

Side vents and bottom holes allow oils to drain quickly to prevent accidental spills that can cause burns to skin or damage to surfaces.

Secura’s Extra Large Capacity fryer uses a 60-minute timer that will shut it down automatically, but the 8-in-1 from GoWISE uses a safer 30-minute timer that prevents the fryer from running too long unattended.

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Both products have a cooking range that bottoms out at 180-degrees Fahrenheit but the GoWISE has a 400-degree top range that is 10-degrees higher than the Secura fryer.

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Control Interface Designs

Secura’s design is simple in nature, providing a non-digital interface for users. It uses two knobs to control the temperature setting and timer.

The front face has symbols that indicate generic cooking guide instructions for popular foods.

The GoWISE USA uses a digital panel with blue backlighting. Users can program cooking times as well as 8 cooking settings for various foods.

Readings are large enough to read without eye strain but the panel will need to be wiped down often to prevent clouding.

Additional Features

Each fryer uses a safety button system to help prevent the pan from dropping from the basket while it is being lifted. The button needs to be pushed to separate the basket from the pan.

Another feature found on both fryers are the four non-slip feet that keep the units from moving while in use.

The GoWISE USA does offer more safety features, however. Not only does the cooking timer last half as long, but it also includes an alarm feature that activates in 5, 10, or 15-minute increments to prevent food from burning.

Its START/STOP button can be used to change settings during the cooking cycles.

The power cord on the 8-in-1 is approximately 36-inches while the cord on the Secura fryer is nearly 44-inches long.


GoWISE USA offers a baking pan, pizza pan, three racks, skewers, and a silicone pot holder. Secura provides customers with a barbecue rack and skewers with the fryer.

Both products include a recipe book designed for use with the fryers.

Cleaning And Maintenance

While an air fryer uses quite a bit less oil than traditional fryers, there will still be cooking oils that must be cooled, stored, and disposed of properly.

Most detachable parts are dishwasher safe and the housing on both fryers can be cleaned with mild soaps and water. Soaking parts in warm water before manual cleaning will make the process much easier.

Product Warranty

The 8-in-1 is covered by a one-year limited warranty by GoWISE, while Secura offers twice that length with a two-year limited warranty on their Extra Large Capacity fryer.

The extra year not only provides more coverage, but it will also add to a potential consumer’s confidence in their purchase.

Which Fryer Is Better?

Both products provide a great alternative to traditional fryers, but the GoWISE 8-in-1 XL provides the better air frying experience. A stand-out feature from the start is the additional 1.6-quart capacity it provides over the Secura air fryer.

Another feature that stands out on the 8-in-1 is the digital controls. This interface provides more cooking options than the knob controls used on the Secura air fryer.

This includes variable temperature settings (with a 10-degree higher maximum than found on the Secura product) and multiple cooking settings.

Even with the smaller amounts of oils used, safety is still a top concern when air frying foods. GoWISE provides non-slip feet, cool to touch housing, alarm features, and an auto-shutoff timer for safety.

They also include additional accessories, a recipe book, and a one-year limited warranty.

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