Best Pizzelle Makers For The Money: 7 Most Affordable

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Last Updated: April 11, 2021

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Have you ever wanted to make your own pizzelle in the comfort of your own home? To make these crispy, crunchy Italian cookies you’ll need a pizzelle maker.  However, finding the perfect pizzelle maker can be quite daunting, considering the abundance of models that exist nowadays. There are many pizzelle makers out there that have their own set of unique qualities which set them apart. To make your choice and buying process easier, in this article we’ll review the 7 best pizzelle makers on the market..

Pizzelle Makers and Pizzelles

Pizzelles are an integral part of humanity. And Italian food is nothing but the best in the world. It has evolved to be one of the most beloved foods. 

Pizzelle is just an Italian type of waffle. Simply put, they are waffle cookies. 

They are used for making authentic Italian pizzelle and other traditional desserts such as ice cream cones and Ice cream sandwiches. 

Italian waffle cookies are made using

The only difference between regular waffles and pizzelles is their size and thickness. Pizzelles are traditionally made with anise as their flavorings, but modern pizzelles have vanilla and lemon zest.

Different Types of Pizzelle Makers

Pizzelle makers come in different shapes, sizes, and capacity. They also differ in plate type and whether it’s a press type maker or a regular pizzelle maker.

Here are some of the pizzelle makers that can make your day easier.

Cucina pro pizzelle maker

This Cucina pro gadget is made to inspire you to more creativity at home. 

Featuring a nonstick cooking surface, your pizzelle aren’t only easy to make but also easy to clean.

The CucinaPro is a quality stainless steel maker that makes 2 delicious pizzelle at a time. 

It has a steam guard to keep your hands and counter cool as you make your pastries and it is very durable. It works fast so you can enjoy your homemade treats right away.

Since it is electric, it takes only a couple of minutes to make your pizzelle.

CucinaPro 220-03 Mini Pizzelle Maker Black
Mini Pizzelle Maker Black

This pizzelle maker in particular is so effective and versatile, you can even make two different pizzelle shapes at once with minimal effort. 

Planning a big dinner and wanting to impress your guests will be a breeze with this elegantly designed mini waffle maker.

The CucinaPro 220-03 Mini Pizzelle Maker black is electric, will cook pizzelle faster, is nonstick, and easy to clean. 

Remember to season it with oil every time you are making a new batch.

This mini pizzelle maker from CucinaPro makes delicious, authentic Italian cookies with perfect edges. It’s the perfect gift for any Italian-American. 

It also has a convenient steam guard to protect your hands while you make pizzelles, and it’s easy to ensure the best results.

Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press
WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press

The Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press is a top model that bakes two pieces of 4-inches each. It has a 5 levels browning selection, from light brown to dark brown for a perfect result. The locking lid that heats up evenly guarantees a perfect Italian dessert.

Prepare the perfect little round treats with the Cuisinart WM-PZ10 Pizzelle Press. Not only that, but you’ll do so fast with just the press of a button. Clean-up is easy, too, because it’s nonstick and has a stainless-steel exterior. Its measuring scoop makes it easy to add batter and get just the right amount.

It’s ready-to-eat light indication lets you know when they are cooked. You can have your perfectly colored, crispy, and tasty Italian waffles. You can even roll the warm pizzelle to make the cannoli or cones for your ice cream.

Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press
Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

The Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press is ideal for crisp, sweet, and crunchy pizzelle with different patterns. It will bake up to two pieces of four inched pizzelle at a time. It has temperature control with 5 settings to determine how you want to cook them.

The Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press makes delicious four-inch cookies ideal for snacks or dessert. If you are a beginner, set your temperature to 3 and it will still cook your waffles perfectly. It has two light indicators for when it’s time to pour the batter and when the cookie is cooked. You may use it to make cannoli or any other waffles with fillings. It comes with a stainless-steel brushed surface and nonstick surfaces for cooking.

In the package, you will have a measuring cup to ensure you use the exact amount of batter. You will also have a cannoli roller.

Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express
Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express

You can use this product to create crisp and delicious pizzelle waffles that are 3 inches in diameter. Making three pizzelle waffles at once means you can serve even more people, faster.

This maker further reheats and recovers immediately so you don’t need extra time for recovery. This not only saves on heat but also time. Moreover, it’s ideal if you are having parties and celebrations at home because then the time to make the pizzelle is reduced. The Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express lets you crank out fresh cookies in just a few minutes. Two lights indicate when the device is ready to use and when your cookies are perfectly done for any occasion.

The Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express waffle maker features an even thickness of the waffles due to its locking latch. Its batter spoon makes it easy for you to scoop only enough batter for the maker.

Willaware V3600 PREGO Pizzelle Baker
Willaware V3600 PREGO Pizzelle Baker

Although one of the most expensive pizzelle makers, it’s quite effective with the ability to make the Italian waffles in less than 30 seconds.

The V3600 PREGO Pizzelle Baker’s steam barrier helps prevent steam burns. Plus, you have an automatic thermostat and a ready light indicator alerts you when your waffle is ready.

The handle helps you in the opening of the piece while it may also act as the storage system for this baking tool. Moreover, it comes with a cord wrap which avoids the entangling of the cord. You will use the large waffles in making cones and cannoli.

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic
Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic

You’ll be enjoying homemade cookies in no time. It’s a USA product and it cooks as fast as the makers above. It makes two five-inch cookies in 30 seconds.

The Palmer Classic Pizzelle Maker will give you the traditional pizzelle style with a modern tool. You can choose between the two pieces available, either the nonstick version or the plain one. Its body is made using chrome while the plates feature a cast aluminum.

In fact, it assumes the structure of the traditional pizzelle maker. It’s one of the few that will heat up quickly, cook your pizzelle, and retain the heat waiting for the next one.

Easy to use by beginners and with the help of the recipe guide book, make different recipes with ease. Adds aesthetic value to your kitchen to enhance your dining experience.

Cleaning Your Pizzelle Maker

It’s important to clean your pizzelle maker after every use. Below are some methods for cleaning the different types of pizzelle makers.

1. The traditional pizzelle irons

If you’ve noticed, the traditional pizzelle irons have long handles to use on the open fire. Today you have the modern pizzelle iron for stovetop use that is mostly made using cast iron or cast aluminum.

When caring for a cast iron pizzelle maker, you need to pre-season your tools as frequently as possible. When finished cooking with the item, just wipe out the scraps of dirt. Do this when the pan is still warm.

Use a brush to remove stuck pieces for the pizzelle maker and then wipe it with a paper towel when you’re done.

2. Electric pizzelle irons

This modernized version of the older stovetop irons requires that you wipe it down while it is still warm. Daily maintenance makes for easier cleaning and increases the lifespan of the iron.

You can also use the stiff brush to get rid of stuck pieces. Since they are mostly made from the cast iron, remember to season them a couple of times before and after use. Also, wipe out excess oil before storage.

3. Nonstick pizzelle makers

Use a paper towel or a damp cloth to wipe the top and outside of the iron. Let it dry before you store it. If some parts are removable, place them in the dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning.


How To Avoid The Sticking

If you will oil your iron before you begin cooking, chances are that you will have minimal sticking. The first cookie will most likely stick if you don’t oil or let your iron properly heat up.

Stick with the gadget with a scoop measure to avoid oozing the batter to the sides of the gadget.

Choosing the Pizzelle Maker

What is the best pizzelle maker? Choosing all the different kitchen gadgets can be tricky but with the right questions, you will choose exactly what works for you.

1. How frequently will you use the item?

Before you make your purchase, you need to know that some pizzelle makers are better than others. If you plan to use yours occasionally, then an electric one is the right choice. However, if you want some additional durability, then you should opt for a cast iron version instead.

2. Your experience

If you are a beginner in the business of making pizzelle, you should use an innovative machine that is user-friendly. When it comes to lighting features you can choose a device that lets you know when your pizzelle cookies are fully cooked. However, if you want to try traditional ones with no lighting, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so.

3. The perfect rim edges

Sometimes the batter is too light which means it will spill over and make a mess on your working surface. In such cases, you want to pick a pizzelle maker with high hedges. You may also pick one with a larger space for more batter.

4. The heat distribution

To achieve a good texture, you need to make sure that the bottom does not burn while the top is baking. A pizzelle maker with a latch connects the top and bottom to ensure even heat distribution.

 A pizzelle maker with a latch connects the top and bottom to ensure even heat distribution.

Tip: You may also disassemble the jar’s components and hand-wash each one.

Best Pizzelle Makers: Wrap Up

With a pizzelle maker, you are able to enjoy delicious treats that your friends and family will surely love. It is easy to make desserts and even the kids can help. The pizzelle maker is reliable and provides efficient heat as well as long-lasting performance.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean, ideal for beginners. The non-stick surface makes this pizzelle maker a breeze to clean up after use. Everything is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to sweat over a long cleaning. If you’re looking for more guides on popular kitchen gadgets, check out this page here.

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