Best Pot For Cooking Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is a very satisfying breakfast option and easy to come across. Unfortunately, it also notoriously difficult to stop it from sticking to the bottom of your pot. There are alternatives, like instant cook sachets that you just add water to, but these are high in sugar and preservatives.

You could, alternatively, zap it in the microwave or use one of the overnight “cooking” methods, but neither is particularly enticing to eat without a lot of toppings. They are no substitution for a nice bowl of warm oats with some butter and a touch of honey.

But how do you cook your oats and clean them up easily? By sticking to the right range of cookware. A great pot won’t stop the oats from overcooking, but it will ensure that they are more evenly cooked. High quality cookware is going to improve your chances of perfect oats.

In this review, we’ve narrowed down the choices to our three top selections. Will any of them be right for you? Why not have a look and see?

Comparison Table

 MaterialStay-Cool HandleVersatileNon-Stick
#1. T-Fal
Our Best Pick

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#2. Chef’s

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Stainless Steel and CeramicYesYesNot technically
#4. Cook n Home

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Stainless SteelYesYesYes

Any Top Tips for Cooking Oatmeal ?

The secret to perfect oatmeal is using the right pot. It must have a heavier base and distribute the heat evenly.

What’s So Great About Oatmeal ?

It is high in fiber and protein and has virtually no fat in it. It has a somewhat bland flavor which is perfect because it allows you to blend in some great toppings. Keep it simple with butter or milk or add some fruit for a more filling and balanced meal.

The Best Oatmeal Pots For You!

#1. T-fal A85724 Sauce Pan

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This is an affordable option because it is made out of aluminum. Don’t get it confused with that cheap rubbish on the market; it has substance to it and T-Fal’s quality guarantee backing it. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, and the heavier base ensures even heating.

The cooking surface is non-stick and can handle fairly high temperatures. There is a glass lid that fits well and comes with a stay-cool handle. That means no burned fingers when you forget to use protection when lifting the lid.

Cleaning burnt offerings from this pot is simple thanks to the nonstick surface. All you need to do is to wipe as much as possible of the dirt away.

This is a high-quality option that won’t warp and will last for a good length of time if cared for properly.

  • Solid construction
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Great for oatmeal and a range of other uses
  • Non-stick coating will peel off after a lot of use

#2. Chef’s Healthy Ceramic Cooking Pot

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This is the option for you if you are trying to cut back on oil and fats. The core of the pot is aluminum, but what makes it really special is the ceramic surface of the cooking area. The aluminum provides the heat retention and distribution properties.

The ceramic lining prevents aluminum from being dissolved in the food during cooking and gives you an easy to clean surface to work on.

The pot can be used for a range of different projects. The glass lid has a stay cool handle that matches the color of the pot. This is a snazzy piece of cookware.

The lid makes it possible to try almost waterless cooking because it seals in the moisture but has a vent to release pressure.

It is very easy to handle. The pot itself features Bakelite handles, and it is easy to handle. It is lighter than you would expect but heavy enough that it won’t warp.

It’s technically not a non-stick surface, but a touch of cooking spray will ensure that anything cooked in it comes out easily. It does wipe down very easily.

  • A high-quality option
  • Easy to clean
  • Stay cool handle on the lid
  • Very attractive
  • Expect to pay a bit more

#3. Cook N Home Stockpot

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This is the stainless-steel option. We like stainless steel because of its heat-retentive properties and its traditional good looks. This model scores points in terms of good looks and excellent efficiency.

The lid is glass, and the handle is silicone wrapped to keep it cool to the touch. The silicone also makes it a lot easier to maintain a grip on the pot.

The handles are riveted in place to ensure that they stay put. The steel is of a high quality and durable. The overall verdict on these is that they make for great cookware. You’ll also find that the range is extremely versatile so don’t just keep this one for making porridge.

  • Stainless steel
  • Solid construction
  • Highly durable
  • High quality
  • Stay cool lid handle
  • Silicone-wrapped pot handles for superior grip and to keep them cool
  • Stainless steel does have a tendency to catch when using it to cook oats, so you’ll have to watch them carefully.


All of these pots would make a worthy addition to any avid chef’s kitchen. If we needed to narrow it down to one choice, the Chef’s Healthy Model comes in by a hair. It is more expensive, but it is rather good-looking.

It has enough heft to keep it from warping, but not so much that it is uncomfortable to use. The ceramic coating is not entirely non-stick but is pretty close to it. What really put it over the edge for us, though, was that the ceramic lining prevents possible transfer of aluminum products.

Now, while this is more of a problem with the very cheap ranges and certainly not one that you need to worry about when it comes to a good brand like T-Fal, it is still a concern. It certainly doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution here.

That’s about it for our review. We hope that you found it useful and that you are going to find it easier to find your next pot.

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