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Instant Pot® Apple Pie Steel-Cut Oatmeal -

Happy New Year! As the calendar turns to a new year, I always take some time to reflect on what is working and what could be improved upon.  One thing is having easy and healthy breakfasts available for my family.  My boys are teenagers and are pretty lazy when it comes to breakfast – so am I.  My older son gets up really early for high school and I can hear him rustling through the snack cabinet for a  handful of pretzels for breakfast most mornings.  I don’t exactly hop out of bed to cook him anything either. We can do better. That is why I prepared these jars of Apple Pie Steel-Cut Oatmeal in my favorite glassware  – Bonne Maman jelly jars. I literally use them for everything.  While it is the best jelly in the world, I am most in love with the jars.  Drinking glasses, candle holders, spice organization, and now – healthy breakfast containers!


Instant Pot® No-Boil

I stumbled upon the “cold start” yogurt technique on Pinterest from This Old Gal. It’s funny, when I bought my Instant Pot®, I immediately thought about all of the wonderful things I would be making.  Little did I know that more than anything else, I would use my Instant Pot® to make Greek Yogurt. I make a batch of yogurt, pretty much every week.  Up until recently, I have been using this method for homemade yogurt. After making the yogurt, I chill it in the fridge overnight and then strain off the whey until I have thick and creamy Greek Yogurt. Delicious.  The no-boil method is SO MUCH BETTER.  No fussing with thermometers.  No icky film to remove. No worry about scorching on the bottom – just thick, creamy, perfect yogurt, ready to eat or strain into Greek Yogurt.  The trick is to use ultra-pasteurized milk.  Ultra-pasteurized milk is heated to a higher temperature than regular pasteurized milk, which kills more bacteria.  Because of this, you can skip the step of heating your milk to 180-200F. I have experimented with two different brands and both have worked for me.


Instant Pot® Easter Brunch Recipes -

Spring is finally here. Trees are starting to bud, little crocuses and snowdrops are in bloom, and the grass is starting to turn green.  I love the change in seasons and the newness it brings. I also love spring holidays, because, in my family, we love to have brunch. The first spring brunch gathering is at Easter. I love the mixture of sweet and savory foods. Breakfast, lunch, and dessert all come together in a perfect mix of foods with something for everyone.  There are plenty of Instantly Delicious Recipes that work for brunch. You can use your Instant Pot® to create the entire meal or to free up space in your oven. I have plans to make hard-boiled eggs in my Instant Pot® for dyeing today.  Explore some of our brunch-friendlyInstant Pot® recipes for your spring gatherings.


Instant Pot® Potato and Pepper Crustless Quiche -

I love to make crustless quiches – they are great for breakfast or brunches (and afternoon snacks or a light lunch or dinner).  Making them in the Instant Pot® is easy, and if you are hosting a brunch, it frees up your oven for another dish. Quiches are extremely versatile, a great way to use up food in the fridge, and they are easy and delicious.   The great thing about this recipe is that is it both vegetarian and gluten-free.  If you are hosting a brunch with anyone following a special diet, this is a perfect addition to the table.


Easy Instant Pot® Oatmeal in a Jar -

I have been getting a lot of feedback on my oatmeal recipes lately, specifically related to the “burn” message on the newer Instant Pot®. My Banana Bread Steel-cut Oats and Peaches and Cream Oatmeal are huge hits, but some users are getting the “burn” message because of the fruit sugars and thickness of oatmeal. I never like to have unresolved problems with my recipes, so I decided to try and remedy this.  I cooked the oatmeal in jars on a trivet. It worked really well and should take care of this problem.


Happy November! I love November.  It is one of my favorite months.  I love how quiet nature becomes in preparation for winter. I love brisk walks cuddled under sweaters, hats, and mittens.  More than anything, I love the food. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I roast root vegetables to go along side our hearty dinners. I make pies and crisps with apples.  But pears? I tend to forget about them.  Sure, I buy them and slice them up for snacks, but  aside from that, not much more happens. They are under-appreciated in my house and more deserving of center stage. Today, my boys are off from school, so instead of a quick bowl of cereal, I decided to make something a bit more satisfying. I had several perfectly ripe pears and I knew combined with fall spices, maple syrup, and steel-cut oatmeal in theInstant Pot®, they would be delicious.  Pears were certainly the star of this show.


I recently attempted an upside down cake in theInstant Pot®. Unfortunately, it was too wet, and while it tasted good, the end result was too messy to share.  This led me to today’s recipe. I wanted a dessert that would be a nice addition to a Mother’s Day brunch. This blueberry coffee cake is perfect.  Not too sweet, a hint of cinnamon, and loaded with juicy blueberries. This cake will not exactly be light and fluffy like an oven baked coffee cake, but it is fun (and delicious) experimenting with cakes in the Instant Pot®.


Today is the first day of spring break. Since we are not in a rush to head off to school, I had a bit more time to work on a cooking technique that I recently heard about.  It is called the “pot-in-pot” method and it is used for cooking grains in the Instant Pot® pressure cooker.  Instead of placing the grain (oats, rice, quinoa, etc.) directly in water in the Instant Pot®, you mix the grains with water in a bowl, place the bowl on a trivet, and then cook them that way.  Most often this method is used to cook a grain WHILE you cook something else below it in the pressure cooker.  I love this method, because it makes cleanup a breeze. If you like steel cut oats, give this method a try.


Pumpkin Pie Spice Steel-cut Oatmeal -

Do you know what happens when the calendar moves from August to September? It’s officially all of the things ​PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON!  ​I try not to be a crazy person.  I haven’t even gotten my first pumpkin spice latte from the pumpkin spice latte store and I haven’t made a pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread.  What prompted me to make Pumpkin Spice Steel-Cut Oats ​this morning? Honestly, I wasn’t celebrating the start of Fall, because let’s be real – I am not quite ready to let go of Summer.  The truth is, I was out of a lot of food.  I did have a box of almond milk, steel-cut oats, a can of pumpkin puree and three hungry kids. So ready or not, our house is embracing pumpkin spice season with this warm and hearty oatmeal.​


I love Mother’s Day.  As both a mom and daughter, I love to spend time with both my mom and my children on this special day. We plant some beautiful flowers in the garden together and then enjoy a delicious meal, usually prepared by the moms. I plan to do some cooking in my Instant Pot® ​today, so I can head over tomorrow, relax, and let the boys do the rest of the work. ​​Here are some ideas for ​breakfast/brunch, dinner and dessert that you could use to make your Mother’s Day a little more special and delicious. If you are a mom, enjoy your special day (and send your significant other to my blog for some ideas).