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BLT Hot Dog

About 2 years ago I went to NYC and my cousin told me about this place (crif dogs) that made bacon wrapped hot dogs. When you go there its the tiny little restaurant, hidden down a few steps so it took me a while to find it, but omg it was delicious!  They had so many different types of hot dogs.  I ordered a breakfast and a BLT one…MMMM.. So good.  So today I decided to recreate this amazing hot dog. Here’s what I came up with:

Take one hot dog and wrap it in bacon.  Use tooth picks to hold the ends down and put the hot dog/bacon in the pan on medium-high heat. Keep turning until the bacon is nice and crispy!

Since I was making the BLT hot dog, I lined my bun with lettuce and a little bit of mayo, then placed the hot dog on top and added some ketchup for the “tomato” . And that’s it! This didn’t take long to make either, probably about 15 min max :) so, enjoy!

La Focaccia Italian Grille-San Antonio


The pizza here was so good! I don’t have an awesome recipe for you, but trust me… If you are in San Antonio, you should try this place. The pizza was about $12 but was big enough to share, so decently priced. They have a lot of other Italian food there, and by the looks of the restaurant it seems like it would be authentic.  Maybe next time I’ll try some pasta  🙂