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Caramelized Onions in an Instant Pot® pressure cooker -

Food Waste in America is a huge problem.  When so many people in our country (and world) go hungry, this makes me feel sad and incredibly guilty.  Even though I try very hard not to waste food, it still happens.  Despite my best efforts, produce still gets lost and forgotten in the bottom of the bin. I try to do things like save scraps in the freezer for soup stock, buy only the produce I think I will use, and roast a tray of vegetables to use up ones that are a bit past their prime. Sometimes, this isn’t enough.  Today I went into my fridge and found slimy cilantro, squishy zucchini, and onions that were sprouting greens.  There was nothing I could do for the cilantro and zucchini, but the onions were salvageable and salvageable in the best way possible – ​CARAMELIZED ONIONS!