Cuisinart CPC 600 Vs Instant Pot IP Duo60

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When you talk about pressure cookers, Cuisinart and Instant Pot are two of the most well-known names on the market.

While both brands provide stellar appliances, this article is comparing two specific pressure cookers: the Cuisinart CPC 600 from Cuisinart, and the Instant Pot DUO60 from Instant Pot.

To discuss the differences between the two models, we’ve compiled information about each individual cooker, then provided similarities and differences.

The biggest takeaway is that the Instant Pot cooker has a great deal of features, while the Cuisinart cooker prioritizes a simplistic interface.

Comparison Table:

Product Capacity: Presets: Built-In Safety Features: Multicooker: Microprocessor: 24-hour timer delay:
#1. Instant Pot
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6 quarts 14 presets 10 built-in features 7 functions YesYes
#2. Cuisinart

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6 quarts No presets No built-in safety features NoNoNo

Instant Pot Overview

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The IP DUO60 is a pressure cooker with 7 different functions, optimized to replace multiple small kitchen appliances.
In addition to pressure cooking, the appliance is a food warmer, steamer, yogurt maker, browning pan, rice cooker, and slow cooker.

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The design includes a 6-quart capacity and an inner cooking pot made from stainless steel. Also included in the package are a measuring cup, rice scooper, and steam rack created with handles.

Another feature of the pressure cooker is its large, easily read digital screen. It’s simple to start one of 14 presets, including: steam, rice, slow cook, multigrain, porridge, poultry, and other settings.

The presets aren’t the end of the technology, either. Your recipes can also be manually programmed when you select low or high pressure along with cook time.

The cooker is engineered with a microprocessor capable of monitoring food. This leads to automatic time adjustments, as well as adjustments to temperature and pressure to ensure results are consistent.

Both the bottom and top of the pot are equipped with a pressure sensor, ensuring pressure stays consistent through the entire pot. This is great for making sure food is cooked consistently and thoroughly.

This cooker model features the same 10 safety features built in to every Instant Pot pressure cooker. These features help prevent potential malfunctions because of over-pressurizing.

Cuisinart Overview

The CPC 600 is designed to function as a dedicated type of pressure cooker. This appliance gives you the option to prepare food by sauteing it, as well as to let food simmer while you work on other things.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same multi-functionality that many pressure cookers have. Notably, it lacks yogurt making, steaming, and slow cooking options.

The cool touch handles allow for easy maneuvering, while the 6-quart inner pot is non-stick, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. The package also includes a trivet that lets you prepare meat.

The goal of the CPC 600 is to make cooking as simple as it can be. The interface is less complex, lacking the many cooking presets that the IP DUO60 boasts. Cooking is as simple as selecting low or high pressure, entering the cooking time, and pressing start.

The automatic “keep warm” feature can activate for a full 12 hours after the completion of the pressure cooking. Another feature the CPC 600 lacks is the option for time delay.

The procedure for time programming is a bit unwieldy and ruins the illusion of streamlined simplicity. The display only shows 2 LCD digits.

If you add time to the cooker, all times between 0 and 40 minutes have to be added by one minute increments. From 40 minutes to 99 minutes, the time is lengthened to 5 minute increments.

Major Similarities

Both have a capacity of 6 quarts. With that said, there are available models of the IP DUO that have a 5 quart and 8 quart capacity.

Both cookers allow for manual programming.

Major Differences

The CPC 600 is significantly cheaper than the IP DUO60.

The CPC lacks any presets, while the IP DUO has 14 presets. The IP DUO also has the 10 Instant Pot safety features, which the CPC lacks.

The CPC is not built for multiple cooking purposes, while the IP DUO is a 7-in-1 cooker meant to replace a number of small appliances.

The IP DUO includes a microprocessor that consistently monitors the cooking process and offers improvements.

The IP DUO also comes with a 24-hour delay timer that you can use to delay the start of cooking, a feature the CPC lacks.

So Which Is Better?

It’s hard to rate one product as objectively “better” than another. In truth, the best product for you will vary depending on your circumstances.

The IP DUO clearly has more features and overall functionality than the CPC, but the CPC is a more economical option with a simplistic interface.

You’ll probably benefit from the IP DUO if…

  • Multiple pre-programmed settings appeal to you
  • You want your pressure cooker to automatically adjust your food and ensure it’s cooked perfectly
  • You will make use of the 24-hour delay timer
  • You will use the 7-in-1 multipurpose functionality
  • You don’t mind spending extra money to gain access to more comprehensive features

Meanwhile, the CPC will be for you if…

  • You’re on a budget
  • You are not interested in replacing any kitchen appliances
  • You only want a pressure cooker, without any other cooking functionalities
  • You prefer a simple interface
  • You don’t have any use for the extra features included in the IP DUO

The Instant Pot DUO60 is packed with features and smart technology that will give you a more comprehensive cooking experience. But it’s only useful if those are features you’ll use.

If you’re just looking for a standard pressure cooker Cuisinart CPC 600, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for technology that doesn’t help you.

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