Instant Pot® Corned Beef – – Instantly Delicious

Last year, I posted my favorite method for makingCorned Beef in the Instant Pot®.  Since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to revisit the recipe. I still love my original method, because it removes a lot of the salt. This recipe yields a more traditionally salty corned beef but has fewer steps and is still tender and delicious.  My plan is to make colcannon in myInstant Pot® to serve along with it.  Hopefully I can share a recipe for that soon.
​Easiest Instant Pot® Corned Beef
Serves 8

​1 flat-cut corned beef – 2 to 3 pounds
​1 teaspoon pickling spice

1. Thoroughly rinse the corned beef.  Using a sharp knife, remove as much fat from the top as you can.
​2. Place the corned beef into the Instant Pot® and cover with cold water by about 1/2 inch.  Sprinkle with the pickling spice that comes with the corned beef, or use your own.
​3. Lock the lid, making sure the valve is in the sealing position.  Set to “meat” for 90 minutes at high pressure.  When finished, do a quick pressure release by setting the valve to venting. Remove from pot and allow to cool slightly before slicing.  Serve with steamed carrots, potatoes, cabbage, or any other traditional side dish.



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