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If you are not storing your vegetable scraps in a Ziploc bag in the freezer, then you need to start now.  Every time you peel a carrot, or chop onions and celery, save the scraps. You will be so thankful because you can make vegetable stock in an instant, and it is so easy. I have been doing this for years, and use them any time I need chicken or vegetable stock.

My younger son is a vegetarian and when I first started making vegetarian recipes, I would use boxed vegetable stock and I NEVER liked the flavor. I find boxed vegetable stocks to be too sweet and thick – maybe they use too many carrots. Whatever the reason, it is easier to make myself.  I like to make a big batch in the pressure cooker using my vegetable scraps. I portion and freeze to have on hand whenever I am making his favorite black bean soup ​or any other recipe that calls for chicken stock.
​Easiest Vegetable Stock in the Instant Pot®
​Makes 10 cups

10 cups water
​3 cups vegetable scraps
​1 teaspoon salt
1 bay leaf

​Combine all ingredients in Instant Pot ®. ​Set to manual -high pressure and adjust time to 15 minutes making sure the steam release is turned to sealing.  When finished, strain and use in soup recipes or freeze for later.



3/3/2016 03:21:24 pm

I keep my scraps in the freezer to make stock. When I have enough, I boil the heck out the scraps for hours & hours. I never thought of using my pressure cooker. Thanks for the great idea!


Instantly Delicious
3/3/2016 04:04:51 pm

Thanks, Helen. The pressure cooker makes it really fast.


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