FoodSaver 4400 Vs 4800

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Every year, more than 60 million tonnes of food gets thrown away in the United States alone. This equates to more than $160 billion of produce, just thrown in the bin.

This is why the FoodSaver range is so popular with families and money conscious consumers everywhere. It allows you to store your food for longer, therefore minimizing your food waste and making a big difference to your wallet!

One of the most well-respected names in food storage, FoodSaver makes a number of different products that can help you to reduce your food wastage and therefore save money. Two of their most popular products are the FoodSaver 4400 and the FoodSaver 4800.

If you’ve seen these two products, you’ve probably noticed the price difference and wondered why there is such a difference in price, and which one you should buy. To help you make the decision, we’ve compared the two and come to a conclusion about which one offers the best value for money.

Please read on for our analysis of the FoodSaver 4400 versus the FoodSaver 4800.

The FoodSaver 4400 Vs 4800 at a Glance

ProductWarrantyBag WastageModel Marinating OptionDesignCrush Free Tech
#1. FoodSaver 4800
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5 years40% lessNewNoFancyNo
#2. FoodSaver 4400

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1 yearExcessiveOldYesAwkwardYes

Features of the FoodSaver 4400 v the FoodSaver 4800

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Let’s examine the features of both the FoodSaver 4400 and the FoodSaver 4800 to decide which one offers better value for money for customers.

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One of the most important considerations when buying any new product is the price. We all want to know that we are getting good value for money when spending our hard-earned cash.

When comparing the price of these two FoodSavers, the 4800 is marginally more expensive, costing about 10% more than the 4400 model. Although this difference is modest, we would still hope that the 4800 would offer more features to account for the higher price. Let’s find out if this is the case.

Ease of Use

Both of the models accept all different sizes of bags with different food items in them, tightly vacuum sealing them so that they last for up to five times longer than just storing food normally in the fridge. They both also have marinate options which allow you to marinate food in minutes rather than hours.

Both require two steps to automatically recognise and then seal the vacuum bags, so both are equally easy to use in either of their two modes, which are both fully automatic so good for people with limited mobility.

Speed Settings and Options

Both the FoodSaver 4800 and the FoodSaver 4400 have essentially the same functions, sealing food to preserve freshness. However, the FoodSaver 4800 offers an additional feature which is a slower, pulse vacuum. This setting is gentler so can be used on foods such as pastries and baked goods so that they don’t get damaged.

This additional feature is a definite ‘plus’ of the FoodSaver 4800 over the FoodSaver 4400.


Both the FoodSaver 4800 and the FoodSaver 4400 come with a selection of vacuum bags ready to be used with the product. They both offer identical accessories: 3 quart heat seal bags, 2 x gallon heat seal bags, 3 x quart zipper bags and 2 x gallon zipper bags.

In addition, both products come with a handheld retractable sealer for use. Therefore, there is no difference between the two products when it comes to the included accessories.


We all prefer kitchen appliances that look stylish in our homes and store away easily.

The FoodSaver 4800 and 4400 are the same size, measuring 11 x 20 x 12 inches. This means neither takes up an unreasonable amount of room and will fit easily in most home kitchens.

The major difference in looks is that the FoodSaver 4800 is predominantly stainless steel whereas the design of the 4400 uses more matte black plastic. Largely it is personal preference which design you choose, however we do love the sleek, stainless steel look of the FoodSaver 4800.

The FoodSaver 4400 v 4800 – the Verdict

There are a lot of similarities between the FoodSaver 4400 and 4800, and you have to look closely to truly appreciate the differences between the two models. Both are convenient and easy to use, helping to eliminate food waste and therefore save you money.

Our analysis shows that the FoodSaver 4800 is slightly more expensive than the 4400, despite offering essentially the same features. The major difference between the two models is that the 4800 has a pulse vac setting for more fragile foods (such as pastries or biscuits) and also there is a difference in the appearance, with the design of the 4800 featuring more stainless steel.

Either model is a good buy and we recommend considering which design suits your personal preference and kitchen style.

However, overall, we think that the FoodSaver 4800 is a slightly better offering because it can safely pack away a wider variety of foods, with only a modest increase in price. We also appreciate the sleek, stainless steel design that will look great in most kitchens.

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