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Fried Pickles

Hey there! It’s been a busy week and sadly all of my pots and pans have now been packed away into storage for the summer =( but that didn’t stop me from experimenting one last time before I head off to China! So here it is…Fried Pickles. Some of you may be wondering why anyone would ever want to eat fried pickles, but that’s just because you’ve never tried them.  I have to admit, while I do like fried pickle chips I am not really a fan of the giant spears. It’s just not the same. Unfortunately, the chips are a lot harder to find, so I decided I had to make my own.

To do this I tried a few different methods.

1) Flour the pickles, dip in egg wash then coat in bread  crumbs <- these came out the best, crispy and golden brown

2) Flour the pickles, dip in egg wash then coat in seasoned flour/cornstarch mixture <— not as golden brown

3) Just use a flour and corn starch mixture <—yeah.. no.


Here’s what happened…

Coat pickles in flour (mixed with salt, garlic powder and corn starch)

Dip in egg wash (egg and water) then into the bread crumb mixture (bread crumbs, salt, flour, corn starch) and then fry! Make sure your oil is hot before you start frying or else you might end up with soggy pickles :(…. I am also thinking about making these with a beer batter this weekend, Broadway 50/50 in San Antonio makes them that way and they’re AMAZING.  Om nom nom…. :) Enjoy!


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