Granite Kitchen Sinks; All You Need To Know


If you want a strong and durable kitchen sink, granite composite sinks are the best solution. It must be clear that this type of sinks is not that popular and usual as the dominant ceramic and stainless steel sinks. Yet we have made a list in which we compared both types of solutions so you can make the best decision.

With the way they fit with countertop materials, granite composite kitchen sinks will add a nice element to your interior. One of the aims of our article is to feature the pros and cons of granite composite sinks and to determine their cost-effectiveness.

The granite composite is a mixture of 20% of acrylic resin and 80% of granite stone. There are offers of granite kitchen sinks in a wide range of natural colors. Among them are brown, charcoal black and grey are the most usual.

One thing we tell most of our readers is that this type of solution for the kitchen is particularly pricey. It is an investment worth considering, but will pay-off. You can buy sinks with matte finishes and they can sometimes set you a limitation for other types of finishes.

The granite composite sinks can resist any heat from the cookware on their surfaces due to their strong construction. This type of solution for the kitchen can be a great fit if you are looking for a natural fashion and stylish ambient in the interior.

What Are They Made Of?

Granite of natural origin is extractable from molten rocks under the Earth’s surface. This is not the case anymore. Today’s granite is synthetic as it maintains the properties of the natural granite. 

Every piece of granite has its own uniqueness, no matter if it is of natural or artificial origin. Although pretty durable, it is liable to damage when it is not handled well. This especially happens with acidic and oily food.

Choosing a natural granite may be a two-bladed sword. This is why many providers offer granite composite as an option. This interesting mixture is a combination of 80-95% natural granite and 5-20% acrylic resin. Granite composite is especially durable and heat-proof which makes it identical to pure granite. 

Aside from its design which makes it resistant to stains, chips, scratches, and water sports, it also maintains a lower price tag. There is no reason to choose a granite sink that is more liable to breaking and is more expensive to install. The granite composite sink is a far better solution to that. It has the look of pure granite, gives you the pure-granite feel, and is resistant to damage. The best thing is that it won’t cost you a lot.

What Is Their Best Appearance, Size And Shape?

The appearance of the sink is as important as its functionality. Everybody would like to choose something that will meet their needs and will also be pleasing for the eye. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the appearance of a sink. Here are the structure, shape, size, and patterns/colors. 

Before focusing on aesthetic features like color and design, we should determine the size and shape of the ideal sink.

What Types Exist?

Farmhouse or Apron Front

There is a lot of talking about the farmhouse style in the kitchen sink industry. Some also call this one the apron front sink. Granite composite is the main material to produce the best models of farmhouse kitchen sinks. 

This model implies a bigger single-bowl design. It is generally deeper when compared to the traditional top undermount or mount. If you are looking for plenty of sink space and a visually pleasing accessory to your kitchen room, this is your best solution.

Undermount or Top Mount

You mount this model from the down part of the countertop. The easiest way to do it is by removing it. Between the sink and the countertop, there is no rim. This eases the cleaning very much. Clean lines look very nice. It is not difficult to install top mount sinks. Do this by dropping them from above the countertop. The skin rim can accumulate filth and mud.

Single Bowl or Double Bowl

When we talk about single and double bowl design, they both have their pros and cons. The single bowl looks more like the farmhouse style. It gives more sink space for cleaning bigger dishes. Single bowl sinks are less versatile than double bowls. The latter have two compartments for water. You can soak and wash dishes at the same time with a double basin. Yet, washing large items can be more difficult here.

Some Special Types of Sinks

Sound-dampening characteristics are present at many modern sinks. They decrease the noise that usually occurs when you use the sink. Noise-free and noise reducing sinks block the sounds of clanging pots and pans. You may find it useful during the night. The reduction of sound noise implies several innovative methods.

As the Hausera blog informs us, larger companies in the sink industry use sound-dampening technology. Kohler’s sound dampening pads reduce sounds from silverware, pots, pans, and garbage disposal, according to this blog. On the bottom of the sinks, Moen sprayers include a special coating to reduce noise.

What Are Their Advantages?

Endurance and Reliability

Consisting such material makes them a highly-resistant kitchen element. They can resist heat, scratches, chipping and pressure. They get their durability, and neat functioning through the strength they have.

Budget-friendly Prices

Being an amalgam of granite and acrylic resin makes granite composite sinks affordable. Composite sinks are much cheaper than natural stone.

Protection From Scratches and Chips

What makes granite composite sinks durable and resistant to scratches and chipping is the hardness of granite.

Chemicals Are Not Necessary For Cleaning

The smooth finish on the granite sink makes it particularly easy to clean up. In less-demanding situations you may use special stone soaps or natural vinegar to remove stains.

The Uniformity and Uniqueness

They bring a particular difference to the look of your kitchen. This has nothing to do with the shape or size of the granite composite sink you decide to buy. Granite composite sinks are generally uniform, so you may get consistency at your kitchen countertop.

Durability Against Stains, Scratchin and Heat 

They can resist the heat of 530 degrees Fahrenheit. Its color will remain the original for a long period because it maintains the texture and natural look.

What Are The Disadvantages?

Only Products With Matt Finishes Are Available  

This is because the producers of such kitchen assortments limit their models to matt finishes only.

The Price May Be A Bit High

Depending on the type of stone used to manufacture, they may seem a bit expensive. Yet, full stone sinks are still more expensive than granite composite. They are still more expensive than ceramic and stainless steel kitchen sinks.


The composite sinks are particularly heavy due to the stone material. This peculiarity requires more support systems and professional installation. Annual sealing will be one of the things you will need.

What Is Their Cost?

We already said that the expense of a granite composite sink is not that big as the one of the straight-up granite sink. When compared to many other sink materials, like stone, cast iron, and fire clay, it costs pretty less. The installation method, shape, and size also determines the cost, not only the sink material. Farmhouse sinks are much more expensive to install when compared to top mount models. This suggests that installation expenses may vary a lot.

Buy yourself only sinks that have a warranty. This part of your household is one of the most important elements of the kitchen. This is why you should buy one that lasts long. Depending on the manufacturer and specific model, warranty policies may vary. Many companies offer limited lifetime warranties as they stand behind their products.

How To Maintain Them?

When speaking of maintenance, granite composite sinks don’t need anything special. They are like any other kitchen equipment. Of course, good maintenance is crucial for long lasting. Although they are durable and high-quality they won’t last very long if their maintenance isn’t done right and timely. 

  • After every use, make sure to wash the sink daily with a nylon brush.
  • To prevent stains and deposits, rinse the sink and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • The use of abrasive cleaning tools or chemicals is what you should avoid.
  • The regular use of natural cleaning agents like vinegar is necessary. 


Which is better, a top mount or an undermount?

Each mounting style is unique in its own way, so it’s impossible to say which one is better. Users generally decide themselves for the design of undermount sinks. This is so because they have a seamless countertop look and clean lines. Yet, it is particularly easy to do the installation of a top-mounted sink without any professional help.

What is the difference between 18-gauge and 16-gauge?

Many people ask this question in relation to granite composite sinks. Yet, it refers more to stainless steel sinks. The 16 and 18 gauge numbers refer to the girth of stainless steel. Lower gauge means a bigger thickness. This means 18-gauge stainless steel is less thick than 16-gauge. 16-gauge stainless steel sinks contain thicker material. They are also more durable and pricier.

How to measure cabinet size vs. sink size?

The exact cabinet measurement is as important as the exact size of the countertop hole for sink installation. When you drop the sink into place or mount it from underneath, it won’t be effective if there is not enough space in the cabinet to contain the component. You should use a tape to measure the exact dimension of the cabinet size and compare it with the sink.

Where is the best place to buy composite granite kitchen sinks?

The rise of online shopping is the best option these days. This way of purchasing is easier and less time-consuming. You may also find more models on internet sites and make the best decision. Before you head to your pricier local hardware store, browse around sellers on Amazon to see what you can find.

How do I cut granite countertops for a new sink?

Many purchasers and homeowners decide to hire a professional to do this tricky task. This is because you will need proper tools to cut the granite countertop. To lift the countertop out of place, manpower is crucial. You’ll need a jigsaw to cut the exact shape and size of the hole for sink installation, in case you choose to do it by yourself.

How do I secure an undermount sink to granite?

You can undermount the composite to granite in a few ways, according to Crowley’s granite. The renowned granite producer says that this is the most common method. “A system for attaching to the underside of the G/Q countertop is what stainless steel and composite sink manufacturers provide. The system comprises wing nuts, clips, and 6-8 bolts…”

“You insert the bolt into grooves that the producer drills or cuts into the back of the counter. You should space them around the flange of the sink. You should then connect the flange and tighten it to secure the sink to the countertop”. Some may find this complicated but in fact, it isn’t. You should go ahead and hire an expert if you feel that you need professional help.

Are there drawbacks/disadvantages to using granite composite sinks?

The granite composite can sometimes seem “too hard” which is one of its main disadvantages. This is the characteristic that makes it resistant to damage and long-lasting. This also means your delicate dishware can be more prone to breaking. Yet, you will gain so much by installing this solution that the shortcomings will be negligible.

What are the common problems one may encounter with granite composite sinks?

One of the biggest problems users experience with granite composite is its cleaning part. Products that are very acidic or alkaline are out of the question. They can strip the finish and discolor the sink. If you decide to buy granite composite sinkers, your cleaning means should be specific. Steel wool is a tool you should especially avoid using. A soft cloth sponge is a good alternative.


In places where you have decided to stay for a long time, investing in a granite composite sink would be the right thing. This high-technology solution is long-lasting and may function without intervening often.

In this way, you will get natural-looking, strong, and a long-lasting kitchen sink worth the expense. Its advantages are an ideal example of how producers should model high-quality kitchen sinks.