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It is almost Easter, and for us that means making lots of hard boiled eggs to dye.  Nobody except for me enjoys eating them (and when I say I enjoy, I mean that very loosely).  Because of that, I typically take little care when boiling eggs for dyeing. They are overcooked, have that nasty green ring and many end up cracked. Since the will be spending the night at room temperature in my living room, they go straight in the trash. However, I hear that some folks let their children dye eggs just for fun and then the big bunny hides plastic eggs instead.  If this is what happens in your house, perhaps a dyed pressure cooker hard boiled egg is something you would enjoy eating.
The Instant Pot® is a great way to hard boil eggs.  While, my favorite boiled egg tends more toward the medium side, for my experiment, I made hard boiled eggs.  The difference between soft, medium, and hard boiled is about a minute, so you can adjust accordingly for your preference. 

​I wanted to see if high pressure or low pressure worked better in the Instant Pot®. I started with a dozen eggs, and prepared an ice bath (this ensures easy peeling).  I placed the trivet into the pot, added 1 cup of water, and placed 12 eggs gently on the trivet.  Some people use an egg divider.  I just went for it and nestled them together.  The results were not very different between my two sets.  I had one egg crack under high pressure and two crack on low.  It was likely because there were already small cracks in the eggs.  I typically lose a few when hard boiling on the stove, so this did not bother me too much. 

​The taste and texture were also about the same.  If I were to recommend a pressure level, all other things being equal, go with low.  It is probably slightly more gentle on the eggs.  Good luck and happy hard boiling.
​Hard Boiled Eggs in an Instant Pot® Pressure Cooker
Makes 12

​12 large eggs
1 cup water


​1. Place the trivet along with 1 cup of water in theInstant Pot®. Gently arrange a dozen eggs on the trivet. Lock lid, making sure the vent is set to sealing. Set pot to manual – low pressure for 7 minutes*. When finished, do a quick pressure release by setting the valve to venting. Immediately place eggs in an ice bath for 5 minutes. Remove and store in the shell in the refrigerator, for up to one week.

​*Cook eggs for 5 minutes at low pressure for medium boiled eggs.




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