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Homemade Yogurt in the Instant Pot® - instantlydelicious.com

I am a city-girl, born and raised. I took the train to H.S., know how to hail a cab, live in an urban area, and love all of the things city living has to offer. That said, my dear friend Laura lovingly refers to me as “Amish” and I kind of love it. I mean, sometimes after negotiating rush-hour traffic and the hustle and bustle of my daily life, I long for a simplicity. Something that involves churning-butter, baling hay, more realistically – making homemade yogurt.  I have been making yogurt for years and try to make it every week. I make it in my oven, or in my snazzy yogurt maker, and now in my ​Instant Pot®on the yogurt setting.

Say goodbye to spending money on yogurt which is expensive and often loaded with sugar. Making yogurt is so easy, especially with the ​Instant Pot®.  The first step to making homemade yogurt is to scald the milk. There could be bacteria in the milk that could compete with the good bacteria you are adding with the starter.

You simply place milk into the Instant Pot® ​and press the yogurt button, then press adjust. The display should read boil. Cover the pot and let it do its thing. It will heat the milk up above 180F, which is high enough to kill any bacteria in the milk.  I prefer my milk to reach 200F,  because it yields a much creamier yogurt.  To do this, I turn it to saute for a few minutes until my kitchen thermometer reads 200F.

After the milk comes to temperature, you have to let it cool below 120F. This will ensure that you do not kill the starter bacteria when you add it to the milk. I like to speed this up by filling my kitchen sink with ice water and dunking the pot into the cold water. Monitor with a kitchen thermometer, because you have to make sure the temperature stays above 100F.  Once you have reached this window, dry off the inner pot, return it to the ​Instant Pot®, ​and whisk in your starter.  It is important to incorporate it well.  Finally, lock the lid on top, press yogurt again, and set the time anywhere from 8-12 hours (or more). The longer your yogurt ferments, the tarter it will become.

8 Homemade Yogurt
Makes 6 cups

6 cups whole milk (you can use a lower fat milk, but results could be runny)*
​1 tablespoon plain yogurt starter (from a previous batch or store bought yogurt)

1. Place 6 cups of whole milk into the Instant Pot® .  Press the yogurt button and then adjust so that the display reads boil. Cover with lid and let the milk come to 180F. Once the timer goes off, check the temperature with a kitchen thermometer.

2. Allow the milk to cool to 100-115F either on the counter or in a sink filled with cold water.  Once the correct temperature is reached, dry the pot and return to the Instant Pot®. Add your yogurt starter and once again press the yogurt button.  Adjust the time anywhere from 8-12 hours, lock the lid and walk away.  When the timer goes off, your yogurt will be finished. Transfer to a container and refrigerate.

*Note: For every 6 cups of yogurt, add 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt starter.



Nancy Bell
12/27/2016 11:09:58 am

Hi Julie, if you wanted to flavour the yogurt with fruit, at what point would you add it?


12/27/2016 05:21:30 pm

Hi Nancy,

I usually add flavoring or fruit after the yogurt has fermented for the set amount of time, but before I place it in the refrigerator. You can also stir anything you would like in, right before serving.


7/11/2017 09:21:00 pm

Hey Julie! Do you have to strain it?


7/12/2017 07:28:07 am

Hi Jen,

Nope. I only do, because I prefer a thicker yogurt. It will have the same consistency of a plain store bought yogurt when finished.


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