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An easy method for making chickpeas or garbanzo beans in the Instant Pot® pressure cooker - visit

I am going to be sharing a recipe for a delicious hummus, but the recipe calls for prepared chickpeas.  While it is certainly easy and acceptable to use canned chickpeas or garbanzo beans for making hummus (I do), it is also very easy and convenient to make chickpeas in a pressure cooker. There are two schools of thought on making beans in the pressure cooker.  One is to soak your beans for at least 6 hours, as you would if you were making them on the stove. Typically, this is the method I use. Other folks just break all the rules and cook dry beans in the Instant Pot®.
While I prefer to soak my beans, the other method is just fine. For unsoaked chickpeas, just rinse your beans, cover with water and cook at manual – high pressure for 45 minutes, making sure the valve is set to sealing. If you have soaked them for 6 or more hours, cook them at manual high-pressure for 1 minute, making sure the valve is set to sealing.  It is important to note​: always do a natural pressure release when making beans. They are one of the starchy foods that can bubble up into the valve of your pressure cooker and pressure can cause the beans to break apart.

7/20/2016 12:57:53 am

Mine took a little longer than 45 minutes from dry. After 45 mins and natural release they were still a little crunchy, so I put them back on for another 5 minutes and they were good. Thanks for the post!


9/13/2016 06:12:11 pm

I am sorry they were still crunchy. I find that the end result varies from package to package of beans. I am glad the 5 extra minutes helped.


9/13/2016 06:03:45 pm

About what quantity of dry beans need one soak (and then pressure cook) to yield the requisite two cups of “prepared beans?”


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