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Instant Pot® Buffalo Chicken Wings

In my family, fall means football.  Football means family. Family means food.  Most Sundays, if we aren’t attending a Bears home game, we are at my parents, gathered around the TV, surrounded by never ending snacks and food.  Staples include chips, salsa, and nacho cheese. We also have popcorn which my dad makes in the whirley-pop and my mom makes some sort of comfort food (we are Bears fans – we need it) and a delicious dessert. Last weekend, I decided to make my own wings in the Instant Pot® for NFL Sunday.  They were awesome and a perfect addition to the non-stop feast. Plus, they are slightly less fattening, because they are not deep-fried in oil.
Like my Easy Barbecue Chicken Thighs, these Instant Pot® Buffalo Chicken Wings have a two-step cooking process.  The first step uses the Instant Pot® to steam the wings. The second step uses the oven (or broiler) to roast the chicken to crunchy perfection. I used Cholula Original Hot Sauce, which added enough kick, but wasn’t killer hot. Use whatever hot sauce you like best. Make a lot – these Buffalo Wings go fast.
Instant Pot® Buffalo Chicken Wings
Serves 3


2 cups water
2 pounds chicken wing segments (no tips)
1/2 cup salted butter (or unsalted, adding salt to taste)
3/4 cup hot sauce (I used Cholula Original Hot Sauce)


1. Add water to Instant Pot®. Place steamer basket or rack on the bottom and layer chicken wing segments on top. Set to steam for 9 minutes making sure the lid is locked and the valve is in the sealing position.  When finished, do a quick pressure release, by moving the valve to venting.

2. While chicken is steaming, melt the butter in a small skillet on the stove.  Whisk in hot sauce until combined.  Set half of the sauce aside. 

​3. Toss the steamed wings with remaining sauce in a large bowl. 

4. Line a sheet pan with foil. Arrange wings in a single layer on pan. Broil the wings, starting with 3 minutes per side.  Watch carefully so they do not burn.  Continue turning, until they are golden and crispy. Coat with reserved sauce and serve.



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