Instant Pot Duo80 Vs Duo60

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Last Updated: October 26, 2018

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Everyone loves delicious, melt-in-your-mouth meat that falls away easily from the bone. One of the best ways to cook this kind of meal is using a pressure cooker.

Best of all, pressure cookers cook fast – the same meal that might take four hours in a slow cooker can take thirty minutes in a pressure cooker.

But which pressure cooker should you choose? There are many great ones on the market, including the Instant Pot DUO60 and the Instant Pot DUO80 . These two pressure cookers boast many of the same features, so how do you know which one is right for you and your family?

In this article, we’ll compare the Instant Pot Duo60 and the Instant Pot Duo80 to determine which one presents better value for money and will be the best option for your family.

You’ll be cooking delicious stews, soups and more in no time with our handy comparison guide.

The Instant Pot Duo60 vs Instant Pot Duo80

ProductProgramsTemperature SettingsWattageCapacity
#1. Instant Pot Duo60
Our Best Pick

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14 pre-programmed61000W6 quarts
#2.Instant Pot Duo80

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14 pre-programmed61200W8 quarts

Instant Pot Duo60 vs Instant Pot Duo80 Compared

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Let’s look at one of the most important factors first: the price of these two slow cookers. When purchasing any product, you want to be getting good value for your hard-earned money. Let’s take a look at the price of these two products.

The Instant Pot Duo80 is considerably more expensive than the Instant Pot Duo60. Prices of these pressure cookers vary, however generally the Duo80 is about 30% more expensive than the Duo60.

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This is quite a significant difference in price and you’d hope that the Duo80 was quite different to the Duo60 to justify this price hike.


One of the best features about the entire Instant Pot Duo range is its smart pre-programmed options. Both the Instant Pot Duo60 and the Duo80 come with an impressive selection of already programmed cooking functions – 14 in total.

These allow you to make common recipes including soup, yoghurt, rice and chili beans with no guesswork on your part.

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Both cookers also have three different temperature settings so you can use them for a range of cooking styles including sautéing and slow cooking as well as normal pressure cooking.

We love that this makes this range of pressure cookers really versatile and means you don’t need lots of different appliances in your kitchen.

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They also both have a “keep warm” function that operates for a maximum of 8 hours on automatic or up to 99 hours on manual.


One of the most important features of a pressure cooker is how hot it gets, as this makes a difference to the quality and speed of cooking.

Both the Instant Pot Duo60 and the Duo80 get very hot and hold that heat consistently, which is great for cooking.

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The Duo80 does have a slightly hotter heating element, measuring in at 1200 watts compared to the Duo60’s 1000 watts.

Therefore, the Duo80 is able to cook at slightly higher temperatures, which may allow you to cook meals more quickly than you could in the Duo60, although not by much.


The major difference between the Instant Pot Duo60 and the Duo80 is the capacity of the two pressure cookers The Instant Pot Duo60 has a capacity of 6 quarts (6.8 litres) whereas the Duo80 has a capacity of 8 quarts (9 litres).

Therefore, the Duo80 boasts a capacity which is 25% larger than that of the Duo60.

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While your initial reaction might be that that means the Duo80 is better, it really depends on your family situation. If you have a large family or entertain often, then the Duo80 may be a better option for you, as it will allow you to cook larger quantities of meals.

The other benefit of having a larger pressure cooker like the Duo80 is that you can meal prep and freeze large quantities of ready meals.

On the other hand, if you have a small family or are a couple, the extra cos and cleaning of the Duo80 may not be worth the price jump.

The Duo60 is likely to be sufficient for most people, and there’s no need to spend extra money if you don’t have to.

As a result of its larger capacity, the Instant Pot Duo80 is also bigger and heavier than the Duo60.

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This means that the larger version is more inconvenient to store and carry, which is worth taking into consideration when deciding if the larger size is suitable for you.

Instant Pot Duo60 vs Instant Pot Duo80: The Verdict

Both the Instant Pot Duo60 and the Duo80 are high quality pressure cookers that offer an excellent range of features. We especially love the pre-programmed settings that allow you to make fourteen different meals with little to no effort, and get perfect results every time.

In terms of features and appearance, the Instant Pot DUO60 and the Instant Pot DUO80 are almost identical except for size.

The Duo80 is quite a bit more expensive than the Duo60, but for the extra price you get a heating element with 1200 watts rather than 1000 watts, and also a capacity that is 25% larger.

Therefore, the Duo80 has more flexibility for larger families or people who like to do a lot of batch cooking.

For most families and users, however, we would recommend the Duo60. Its cheaper price point makes it more budget friendly, and its size and wattage are absolutely perfect for most families.

A family of four will easily be able to make a meal for everyone, with leftovers, in the Duo60. It’s also easier to store and carry. Therefore, overall, we recommend the Instant Pot Duo60 unless you have a specific need for a larger cooker.

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