Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker – Instantly Delicious

I love to cook.  I love nifty gadgets.  I have a small kitchen.  I recently got wind of a magical kitchen gadget called an Instant Pot®, an electric pressure cooker that could possibly replace not only my trusty slow cooker, but also my yogurt and rice cooker. ​

My first thought went back to my 80s childhood and my dad creating all sorts of concoctions in the hissing, slightly dangerous stove-top pressure cooker that he only brought out to impress company. I remember the fanfare of carefully carrying it to the sink to be depressurized under cold water.  His specialty was Greek Chicken, which was tasty, but more important is the memory of us in the kitchen cooking and enjoying the moments of being together.  Because of this memory and reading lots of positive reviews on the wonders of the Instant Pot®, I decided it was time to venture into the world of pressure cooking. Plus, it was time replace my well-loved (hideous) slow cooker.

Isn’t she beautiful.  I am so excited to share our Instant Pot® adventures with you. As the mom of both a toddler, a teen, and one in-between, I hope my kids have similarly vivid memories of our kitchen creations and someday use them to inspire their cooking.


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