Instantly Delicious Acquired By Kitchen Gadgets Maven has been acquired by Kitchen Gadgets Maven in a merger!

From time to time businesses that have close promotions and similar interests decide to collaborate and merger together to provide a better experience for their viewers and users. This is the case where Instantly Delicious has been acquired and we will be working hard to now please their readers as well.

Who was Instantly Delicious?

Instantly Delicious was a well kept recipe blog for everything Instant Pot. It had many interesting and alternative Instantpot recipes for your at home cooking needs. Some very popular recipes included home favourites like Ratatouille , Potato Breakfast Hash , Pumpkin Pie and the good old Corn on the Cob. Quick and easy guides on how to prepare favourite foods like these using the Instant Pot which is a great kitchen gadget.


Why was Instantly Delicious So Good?

The website had great information on the various meals, deserts and all sorts of foodie treats which anyone who spends time in the kitchen would enjoy. If you have an Instant Pot of any kind this site would be the go to resource for ideas and recipes with simple how to use guides to quickly and easily make the food of your choice.

Having the tool like the Instant Pot can be overwhelming as you can do so much but you just don’t know how. Instead of having to search through many websites and youtube videos of how to make a specific meal or food in the Instant Pot this site had all the information in one resourceful place. This is what made the site so great and I’m sure was saved to many people’s favourites to always come back to when needed.


Why did the two sites merge?

So as explained above some times business have cross promotions which join forces for the benefit of the users and this is the case between and Through the need of helping readers with more in depth recipes we decided to acquire Instantly Delicious to instantly provide this.

In turn the readers from Instantly Delicious will now also see the benefits of other kitchen gadgets reviewed on this site for them to add more to their kitchen arsenal as well as the Instant Pot they may already have.