K200 Vs K40 Elite

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If you are shopping for an affordable coffee brewer that produces good-quality coffee and that is easy to use, it is only a matter of time before you will start looking at Keurig machines.

Keurig products are popular amongst baristas and coffee fanatics because of their advanced features and functionality.

When it comes to single-cup brewers, the Keurig K40 and Keurig K200 tend to stand out. These models offer simplicity, quality coffee, and ample cup personalization.

The K200 has a somewhat higher price tag than the K40 Elite, so one may naturally wonder if this premium is worth it.

In this comparison guide, we will be taking an in-depth look at these brewers’ features, including brew sizes, pod compatibility, brewing times, and additional features. We will also find out how easy these brewers are to use.

While both of these models are worth paying for, you may only want to choose one.

Keep reading to learn how the K40 Elite and the K200 compare to each other, and to find out which one is right for you.

Quick Comparison (table)

ProductBrew SizesCarafeBrewing Time (8 oz)Touch Screen DisplayStrength Control
#1. K40 Elite
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6 oz, 8 oz, 10 ozNo1 minuteNoNo
#2. K200

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4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 ozYes1 minuteYesYes

Brew sizes and pod compatibility

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While both the K40 Elite and the K200 can brew 6, 8, and 10 oz cups, the K200 can also brew a 4 oz cup. In addition to single cup brewing, the K200 can brew a carafe of 22, 26, or 30 oz, which many may consider to be its best feature.

Before you add the K200 to your cart, however, there is one more thing to consider – pod compatibility. Not only is the K200 incompatible with pods of other brands, but it also will not brew the original Keurig K-Cups. The 2.0 K-Cup pods that you can use with the K200 include:

  • The K-Cup pod for cups up to 10 oz,
  • the K-Mug pod for travel mug sized cups of 16 oz, and
  • K-Carafe pods.

Another drawback is that Keurig doesn’t supply the carafe with the K200, and you can’t use any other carafe as it connects to the brewer with a specific interlocking mechanism.

If you like to brew your grounded coffee, you can do so with the K40 Elite as well as the K200, as long as you buy a separate reusable coffee filter.

Heating and Brewing Time

Before we get to the water heating time, it is worth noting that the K200 has a 40 oz water reservoir and the K40 Elite has a 48 oz reservoir.

Depending on the water temperature, the K40 Elite’s water reservoir will heat up to 195 degrees Celsius in around four minutes. The water heating time between brews can take about 15 seconds.

The K200’s water reservoir takes around 3 minutes to preheat after you’ve switched it on for the first time. Between brews, the water heats to approximately 160 degrees Celsius within 10 seconds.

Once the water is warm, both the K40 Elite and the K200 will brew an 8 oz cup in about one minute.

Ease of Use

The process of inserting a pod in the K-Cup holder of either one of the K200 or K40 Elite is the same. Lift the handle of the holder as far as you can, insert the pod, and close the lid.

After heating the water and inserting a pod, brewing a cup with the K200 is as simple as selecting your cup size and brew strength on the touch-screen display and pressing the round button below it.

With the K40 Elite, you can’t choose your brew strength, but simply pressing one of the three cup size selectors will get the brewing process started.

It is a bit easier to clean the K200 as is the case with the K40 Elite because the K-Cup holder’s funnel tends to be difficult to remove.

After some struggling, however, you will be able to get it off so you can clean it thoroughly. You can remove both models’ drip trays and water reservoirs for easy cleaning.

As far as easy use is concerned, the K40 Elite may be the winner, but this may simply be because it doesn’t have the same number of brewing features as the K200.

The touch screen display of the K200 is intuitive and incredibly easy to use, however, and you will have no problem personalizing your cup.

Additional Features and Specifications

The most popular additional feature of the K200 is its strength control. If you are someone who likes a stronger brew, this may be an important feature, especially since selecting a bolder cup doesn’t take longer than a mild one to brew.

The K200 and the K40 Elite has the same height of 15”. At 10 lbs, the K40 Elite weighs around 2.5 lbs more than the K200. Both models have plastic housing.

Final Verdict

Both the Keurig K200 and Keurig K40 Elite are single-cup brewers that are easy to use and that offer quick water heating and brewing times.

When it comes to cup personalization and brewing options, however, the K200 is the undisputed winner, especially if you consider that the K200 is not that much more expensive than the K40 Elite.

The K200 can brew a carafe, it offers strength control, and you can brew one more cup size with this machine.

The drawbacks of the K200 include limited pod compatibility and the fact that the carafe is not included with your purchase.

The K40 Elite can be a better option for some people. If you live alone and don’t have the budget to spend more on the brewer itself and a new carafe, the K40 Elite will be a better choice for you.

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