Keurig K575 Vs K500

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Back in the day, a Keurig Vue brewer consisted of a simple mechanism that dripped hot water through a pricked pod. Users had no control over things like temperature, brew strength, and programmable brewing.

This all changed when Keurig discontinued the Keurig Vue model and introduced their 2.0 range. When it comes to the programmable coffee brewing of a wide range of cup sizes, the Keurig’s 2.0 brewers are well-known.

On the higher-end of this 2.0 product line is the Keurig K500 series. It consists of the Keurig K500, K550, K545 PLUS, and the Keurig K575 .

The K575 is, generally speaking, everything you want in a brewer. The machine is user-friendly, customizable, and it consists of high-quality components. It also features many different settings that you can use to personalize your specialty beverage.

The K575’s earlier counterpart, the K500, is somewhat more affordable, it looks more or less the same as the K575, and it features a lot of the same benefits. Can it be that the Keurig K500 offers the same, if not more, value for money?

Let’s do a deep-dive into the K500 and K757’s features and benefits to find out how they compare to each other.

Quick Comparative Table

ProductCompatible with Ground My K-Cup Coffee FilterQuality LevelHot Water on DemandTemperature ControlBrew Strength Control
#1. K575
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#2. K500

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Pod Compatibility

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Although the K500 and the K575 are compatible with the 2.0 My K-Cup reusable pods for ground coffee, it is not included with one of them. Both of them are compatible with Keurig 2.0 K-Cup, K-Mug, K-Vue, and K-Carafe pods.

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The K500 and the K575 are both products from the Keurig 2.0 product line that are not compatible with the original K-Cup pods.

If you had an older sing-serve Keurig coffee machine and still have some of its K-Cup pods somewhere, you will not be able to use them with your new Keurig 2.0 machine.

Brewing Capabilities

Since the K500 and the K575 are compatible with this wide range of pod sizes, you can brew any cup size with them. One of the drawbacks of the K500 is that it can’t brew a 12 oz cup size.

The K575 can brew a 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz, 26 oz, and 30 oz, which is the larger carafe size.

A removable 80 oz water reservoir comes with the K500 and the K575. This capacity is quite large in comparison with single-cup brewers like the Keurig K45.

These brewers are ideal for larger households as it can brew eight 10 oz cups without needing a refill.

The larger water container is also handy if you want to brew a carafe of, say, 30 oz. Not one of these models come with a carafe, and you will have to buy one separately, however.

Settings and Customizability

One of the significant differences between the K550 and the K575 is that the latter features hot water on demand while the former doesn’t.

This feature reduces the heating time of your water reservoir. The K500 doesn’t have hot water on demand because it is a much earlier version of the K575.

The K500 and the K575 feature large 2.8 XL color touch displays that are intuitive and that allow for easy cup customization.

The customization features that the color touch display on these two models has, include brew strength control, auto on/off to conserve energy, and a high altitude setting that allows for brewing at a lower temperature if you live in an area with a high altitude.

These models also feature favorites settings and a customizable clock, and wallpaper.

A feature that many people enjoy is the nightlight that these models have that gives your kitchen a tranquil ambiance during the night.

Another difference to be found in the features of these models is that the K575 has temperature control while the K500 doesn’t. Both models have removable drip trays to allow for effortless cleaning.

Overall Quality

Because the K500 was the first model in this product line, it is worth taking note of the difference in quality between the K500 and the K575.

After the K500 saw the light of day, and before Keurig introduced the K575, they already made two other models available, namely the K550 and the K545 PLUS.

It follows, then, that the K575 features more modern technology than the K500.

One can also assume that Keurig had ample opportunity to correct the issues that reviewers of the K500 had.

Common quality related issues of the K500 include pod needles of lacking quality, an unresponsive touchscreen, and problems with filtration.

Of course, many reviewers were satisfied with the performance of their K500, but the K575 performs much better in terms of quality.


Let’s take a look at brewing accessories that you can expect with your purchase of the K500 and the K575. In the first place, you get a high-quality water filter with your K575, but you don’t get one when you purchase a K500.

If you choose a K500, you will have to buy a separate compatible water filter.

With both the K500 and the K757, you can expect to receive K-Cup and K-Carafe Variety packs, but not a carafe.

The issue with the carafe is that only Keurig’s carafe works with these models as it uses a specific interlocking mechanism.


The Keurig K500 and the Keurig K575 are, in essence, the same product. The K575 is a later model of the K500. It is also the clear winner of the comparative buyers’ guide. If you are looking for a technologically advanced brewer – the Keurig K575 and K500 won’t satisfy you. But for everything else, they will do the job and more.

The K575 can brew more cup sizes, and it features hot water on demand and temperature control.

The final nail in the K500’s coffin is the fact that the K575 offers much better quality and longevity. Since the difference in price is not that big, the K575 is the obvious choice for the coffee enthusiast.

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