Kitchen Gadgets For Vegetarians
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By : Crutcher Carolyn

By : Crutcher Carolyn

Last Updated: April 22, 2022

Kitchen Gadgets For Vegetarians

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Kitchen Gadgets For Vegetarians

“Don’t be afraid to take whisks”. Oh well, for a very long time it was women in the kitchen. With time, we have seen men get involved. Some of the leading chefs in the world are men. Whoever is in the kitchen, comfort is a priority. To cook the best meals, faster and with less mess, it’s necessary to have good kitchen gadgets.

When you invest in kitchen commodities, you want the product to be easily cleanable and long-lasting. There are so many products invented regularly but some products either don’t get cleaned well or they don’t last long in proportion to the amount of money spent on them. In olden times, a vessel and dish covered on the top did the job of a pressure cooker, linen clothes were replaced by tea strainers, and mortar and pestle are replaced by blenders.

On an everyday basis, there are certain vessels that we use in the kitchen. We have brought you a list of kitchen gadgets that are reviewed to be of good quality and can bring a renovation to your daily day usage. These products are easy to clean and they last long. We hope that your cooking experience gets better with the use of these kitchen gadgets.

1. Salad Spinner:

Salad spinner

Salad spinner is definitely underrated for its value. A lot of companies manufacture and sell salad spinners. For those who have heard of salad spinners for the first time, they are gadgets that aid in making salad contents water-free.

Salad spinner can not only be used for salads, but also for any greens that need to get rid of water. Getting the greens dry can also work well for the consistency of the meal. Salad spinners come in rubber or steel. Steel salad spinners are more expensive, but the bowls are good for serving.

So the salad spinner consists of two bowls, the outer bowl, and the inner basket bowl. It comes with a lid that has a handle. All you need to do is keep your ingredients in the basket and keep the basket in the bowl. After that, you cover the lid and spin it in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction in a fast motion. Within some time, the excess water will be thrown out of the basket and into the bowl.

The gadget is light-weighted and easy to clean. It is anti-slip. So the gadget stays put even when you spin it fast. It is compact making it easy to store as it does not use much space. It is very efficient and of great use for people who enjoy salads on a regular basis.

The same method is applied to the steel salad spinners as well. Apart from its main use, the basket inside the spinner can also be used for washing general vegetables. Also, since it doesn’t work with electricity, you have to bear no extra bills on that. Eat healthy and water-less leaves with salad spinners.

2. Food Processors:

food processor

The modern-day kitchen in every household just needs this product. It is advisable to buy it at good rates as sometimes the cheap-rated ones are cheap quality products. They come in three different sizes: small cups, medium cups, and large cups.

The small one is a mini food processor that grinds nuts, raw fruits and even helps in mayonnaise dressing with a drizzle basin (the top) and pour spout (the bottom). It is easy to use with one simple touch and two speeds. It can make good bread crumbs.

The medium one is a multi-purpose gadget that comes with three-speed options. With two different blade sizes you can chop at the proper required thickness, you can also knead the batter or dough. The slice discs are really easy to clean and the processor can also make a good puree.

The large one comes for chopping, slicing, making puree, kneading dough, shredding, and grating. It comes with different blades and starts with a button. The containers that come with the gadget can also be used for storing well. These gadgets are very compatible and come with long-term usage.

3. Chopping Boards Knives:

Chopping Boards Knive

Wooden chopping boards of all sizes are a blessing to the kitchen. For people who are clumsy and people who are uncomfortable with using knives for cutting with hands, you can use chopping boards. The smaller boards can help in chopping avocados, chilies, nuts, etc. The bigger ones can aid in chopping cabbage, cauliflower, and other long or leafy vegetables.

The process for cleaning the wooden chopping board is swiping them right after use. Too much moisture can degrade the quality of the product. For some users, even plastic chopping boards work well for daily use as they are easier to clean. Chopping boards can fit in and space and can also be hung in the kitchen.

4. Knives:


The knives that are useful for vegetarians come in three sizes- the smaller one to peel and cut, the medium one to chop vegetables, and the bread knife to cut sourdough. There are a number of knife sharpening machines available in the market that can get your knives back in shape so that you don’t have to buy a new one every single year if it goes blunt. Investing in proper knives can reduce cutting accidents and provide a less time-consuming meal. Knives are very essential as there is never a day that goes by without using knives in the kitchen.

Investing in proper knives can reduce cutting accidents and provide a less time-consuming meal.

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5. Frying Pans:

Frying Pans

Whatever you might want to cook, if it contains vegetables, it needs a frying pan. A frying pan is so useful on an everyday basis. You can make falafel, pancakes, saute vegetables, and even make naan on them. While conventional non-sticks are good, the iron-cast frying pans are naturally non-stick and they look ethereal. You can even make pizzas and toast sandwiches on them. A frying pan is a must-have in any household.

6. Cooking Pots:

Cooking Pots

Cooking pots in different sizes are very important for every kitchen as they are convenient to cook almost everything as they can help with roasting, boiling and steaming. Cooking pots come in various materials but it is important to take one with a thick base as it can last much longer. Cooking pots come with a lid, they are pretty easy to clean as well.

7. Rubber Silicon Washing Gloves:

Rubber Silicon Washing Gloves

These gloves are made in a free size that can accommodate an average size of hands. They are pretty cheap and advanced as you don’t have to get a new scrubber every few days. With these gloves, all you have to do is pour some liquid into your hands and create foam. Now you can conveniently wash all the vessels with a grip as no vessels will fall off your hand while you use a scrubber with another hand.

The gloves come with a grip on the palm with tiny up headed dots. They are not only used for dishwashing but can also be used for general cleaning of the house, cleaning the wardrobe, washing cars, and pet animals.

You can protect your hands from the harm of detergents. They are very flexible and can be stored at any temperature.

8. Bowls And Trays:

bowls And Trays

Mixing bowls are mostly found in abundance in many kitchens. The first thing you need while you start cooking anything is a mixing bowl of the correct size. Mixing bowls can be undervalued but they are very important for the texture and feel of cooking something. If you use the correct mixing bowl, it will give you the proper consistency and quality of your mix. They can also be used for serving. They can also be used for the storage of leftovers.

9. Baking Trays:

Baking Trays

Baking has become handy in so many households, especially after the pandemic. People have learned to make cookies, cakes, bread, and a lot of other things. The right material for baking trays and the right size are both important as they are getting exposed to a lot of heat, so you don’t want your food to be anywhere near the tray if it is causing harm. Make sure you invest in the best trays and bowls for better and more convenient usage.

10. Whisk:


While you make any kind of batter, a whisk can help you resolve crumbs. They come in handy when you want to mix any ingredients that are less solid and more liquid or completely liquid. A whisk is a great tool for getting air into the mixture and making the mixture smooth. There are many whisks available in the market but most of them are easily breakable. Make sure that you buy one of sturdy quality.

11. Spoons And Spatulas:

Spoons And Spatulas

Spoons and spatulas are the extensions for cooking pots just like humans and phones. Every single process of cooking will require a spatula and spoons at one point at least. Spoons and Spatulas are the easiest to clean and they can be stored in minimum space. The shapes and sizes of spoons have changed considerably over so many years. Now there are so many different designs and colors available in so many different materials as well. Tongs and metal strainers are also equally useful.

The shapes and sizes of spoons have changed considerably over so many years.

12. Squeezers:


Lime or lemon squeezers are also a must-have kitchen gadget. They are particularly used for citrus fruits. Squeezers only have one purpose- to get the best amount of juice from limes. These are almost missable but you will definitely find them in every kitchen being used every now and then. It’s best to use them in steel and they come cheap. They last for a very long time as well. They are also easy to clean.

13. Dish Rack:

Dish Rack

Even though you might have a dishwasher at home, sometimes you would get immediate cleaning of dishes or containers. A good quality dish rack can help you keep the dishes for drain after wash. This is more convenient when you are running short of time.

14. Splatter Guard:

splatter Guard

Splatter Guard are devices that are good protection covering the cooking pots. Cooking can get messy sometimes and you don’t want to spend your time cleaning after being exhausted. Using a splatter guard can help you well in cases when you’re cooking sauces especially.

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Now, these are some of the many products that are used in almost all households on an almost daily basis. Well, each household is different and unique. We hope that you find this information useful and you get to know what is essential for your kitchen. Apart from these, products like kitchen scissors, kitchen scales, measuring cups, electric hand mixers, and parchment papers are also a necessity. All these products are easily available online, you just need to have a good review and quality check for the same, you can have the flexibility of comparing prices from home.

Cooking is an art and it is best done with the right spoons and pots. Whenever you buy kitchen appliances make sure that they are of good quality and have a good consumer review even if they are expensive. The prices may vary a lot for kitchen products but there is no use in buying kitchen gadgets that are going to need a replacement sooner or later.

With the advancement in technology, there are so many appliances that have been upgraded to make them more convenient. Make sure that you have what you need. Any appliance that works with electricity or heat(stove) needs good material. The wrong material can directly affect the health of the people consuming the food. So check the materials of the products that you use as well.

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