Ninja BL482z Vs BL482

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Smoothies are one of the biggest health trends of recent years, allowing you to gain crucial nutrients and vitamins in a tasty and convenient way.

There are thousands of great recipes out there to help you make delicious smoothies and other blended meals, to make sure you are filling your body with the required nutrients.

In order to make delicious smoothies, you need a good quality blender. A good quality blender will allow you to properly blend all different ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, powders and ice, properly.

By contrast, a poor-quality blender is not able to blend these ingredients to a consistent texture.

One of the most popular small blenders on the market are the Ninja blenders. These entry level blenders have good quality features but a low price point, making them perfect for personal use.

In particular, the Ninja blenders are designed with busy students and professionals in mind and make creating delicious smoothies a piece of cake.

However, the Ninja range features many different blenders, which, at a glance, look very similar.

Today we will be comparing the NINJA BL482 and the Nutri Ninja (BL482Z) to determine which is the better buy for you.

The Ninja BL482 and the Ninja BL482Z At A Glance

ProductMotorRecipe BookAutoIQAccessoriesDishwasher Safe?
#1. BL482Z
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1000W30 recipes2 speeds1 x 18oz, 1 x 16 oz, 1 x 32 ozYes
#2. BL482

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1000W30 recipes2 speeds1 x 18oz, 1 x 16 oz, 1 x 32 ozYes

The Ninja BL482 and the Ninja BL482Z Compared

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Price is usually the first thing that we look at as consumers when deciding whether a product is right for us. We want to know that we are getting good value for money and that a product is not overpriced.

Both the Ninja BL482 and the Ninja BL482Z are entry level blenders, meaning that their cost is much lower than more luxury brands like Vitamix or Nutribullet.

Although the Ninja brand is well-liked, it is not as well-known or established as some other brands, so this also plays a role in why its prices are much more affordable than some of its competitors.

Of the two models, the Ninja BL482Z is more expensive. Prices vary, but the BL482Z tends to be slightly more expensive than the BL482 model. Therefore, you’d hope that the BL482Z presented better features to account for the more expensive price tag.

Blending Ability

The second most important thing about choosing a blender is, of course, how well it blends! Both the BL482 and the BL482Z have an impressive 1000-watt motor which is capable of spinning at a maximum of 21,000 rotations per minute.

This means it is perfect for blending smoothies and dips, and can also make other things like ice cream!

Both of the products are not recommended for blending boiling hot liquids or particularly hard products like bones.

These tasks can damage the blender and if you are looking to do this, you should consider a more professional grade blender. Warm liquids, such as soups, are OK as long as they are not too hot.

One of the best features of both of these models is the Auto-IQ function (with 2 different settings) which allows the blender to automatically whizz through and blend your smoothie.

This is ideal for busy professionals, students or stay at home parents who just want to press a button and the blender do the rest. It is possible to change it to manual if you prefer, however.

Therefore, in terms of blending ability, there is no difference between the products and the blender itself is identical.


As both the Ninja BL482 and the Ninja BL482Z are primarily aimed at busy home users who want to make quick and delicious smoothies, they come with a lot of useful accessories.

These accessories are the major point of difference between the Ninja BL482 and the Ninja BL482Z.

Both blenders come with a recipe book that features over thirty different delicious recipes. This will help you immediately start making great smoothies and other healthy snacks.

In addition, the Ninja BL482 comes with an18 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup, a 24 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup, and a 32 oz. Nutri Ninja Cup, as well as two spout lids. All of these accessories are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

The Ninja BL482Z comes with all of the same accessories as the BL482, as well as an addition 32 oz cup.

The second 32oz cup is useful if there are two people in your household using the machine or you use the 32oz cup frequently and don’t have time to wash it between every use.

The Ninja BL482 and the Ninja BL482Z: The Verdict

These two products are very similar: in fact, the NINJA BL482 and the Nutri Ninja (BL482Z) have an identical blender.

The major difference between the two – and reason for the price increase – is that the BL482Z comes with an additional cup and one other cup is made from Titan rather than polyurethane.

Due to the minimal difference between the product, which product is better largely depends on how you are likely to use the product and whether you see value in having one additional cup.

If you do, then we recommend buying the BL482Z as it is likely to be more expensive to purchase the additional 32oz cup separately.

On the other hand, if you do not think that you will get much use out of the second 32oz cup, we recommend saving your money and buying the BL482 model which is exactly the same blender, just with one less cup.

You are able to purchase accessories separately, however the included ones in the standard BL482 are likely to be sufficient for most people.

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