Ninja BL770 Vs BL682

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By : Carolyn Crutcher

Last Updated: October 25, 2018

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Welcome to the ultimate comparison of the Ninja BL682 and BL770 – two fantastic and fully functional food processors rightfully called the ninja blenders. Ninja has been taking the food processor and blender industry by storm for quite some time now.

So it’s only right that we dive in and take a closer look at which of these two magnificent machines are more worth the dough.

Before beginning, we’ll take a quick glimpse of an early comparison table. You will notice that not a lot of things are very different between the two food processors.

But as we take a closer look, we will find more to examine and more details that will differentiate our two contestants, ultimately leaving us with one clear winner in the end.

Comparison Table

ProductWattageBlender TypeIncluded TechnologyMaximum CapacityPrice range
#1. Ninja BL682
Our Best Pick

Check Price
1,500 wattsFood ProcessorAuto-IQ Technology72 ouncesMore expensive
#2. Ninja BL770

Check Price
1,500 wattsFood ProcessorNormal blender technology72 ouncesLess expensive

As you can see, the two ninja blender food processors have a lot in common. We are dealing with the same wattage, both at 1500 watts, which is a great amount of power for a food processor.

And both blenders hold a maximum capacity of 72 oz, a large amount of room for just about any cooking or food preparation project.

However, the Ninja blender BL682 comes with a special technology, making it the more expensive of the two food processors. As we go through the comparison, we will explore this difference further.

Blender Capacity and To-Go Options

First off, let’s dig deeper into the capacity of these machines. Both the Ninja (BL770)  and the Nutri Ninja BL682Z come with extra containers for varied sized blending, as well as the option to take the smaller containers directly out from blending and into a closed cap to go!

Ninja (“Nutri Ninja Blender System”) BL682

Ninja (“Mega Kitchen System”) BL770

Based on this comparison, we can see that the Ninja BL682 blender system comes with more options for to-go cups with lids, while still coming with all the larger pieces that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 comes with.

The only things that the Ninja BL770 blender system comes with that the Ninja BL682 does not come with are the two 16 oz Nutri Ninja to-go cups with lids.

However, the Ninja BL682 comes with one 32 oz Nutri Ninja to-go cup with a lid and two 24 oz Nutri Ninja to-go cups with lids, making a total of two options and three pieces for to-go cups.

This makes the Ninja BL682 the clear superior product when only taking account for the amount of and type of pieces that come with the package deal.

Unless of course you truly need smaller to-go cups and this feature is more important to you. In that case, the Ninja BL770 would be the best option in this part of the comparison.

A Major Difference in Technology: The Deciding Factor

When it comes to products like the Ninja line of food processors, most people wouldn’t consider technology to be a major factor. However, in this comparison, it might be a deciding factor in the end.

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There is a major difference in the way these food processors work and it all comes down to the technology that Ninja implemented in each product. Let’s take a look.

The Ninja BL682 has been created with a proprietary technology called Auto-IQ. According to the manufacturer’s website, this technology can make a world of difference in your blending and food processing projects.

The technology combines uniquely timed pulses, pauses, and blending which create the easiest possible route for you to complete blending. It is designed to “do the work for you.”

The fact that the Ninja BL682 has this technology and the Ninja BL770 doesn’t make a strong argument in favor of the Ninja BL682.

Yes, the Ninja BL770 is still a great powerful blender and food processor and can be used basically the same way as the Ninja BL682. But the technology being included makes for an ease of use and near-guaranteed perfection of final products for your projects.

As was mentioned before, the two food processors are very much alike on the outside. However, this difference on the inside can mean a lot for the way you will use each product.

Conclusion: Ninja BL682 VS BL770? Who is it going to be (drum roll)?

After pouring over the details of these two wonderful food processing machines Ninja (BL770) and Nutri Ninja BL682Z , we have come to our final conclusion. It is clear in the end that there is an obvious winner here.

The Ninja BL682 is the superior purchase. Although usually more expensive, it would seem that in this case, you get what you pay for. The two machines are close in price and close in value, but the Ninja BL682 comes in at the top for several reasons.

The Ninja BL682 comes with more to-go options. And, more importantly, the Ninja BL682 comes with Auto-IQ technology installed, making it the clear winner of our debate. Thanks for reading!

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