Best Pot for Making Fudge

Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge

If you are a fudge enthusiast, chances are finding the best pot to make it in is a crafty detail you pay attention too. After all, you need one that not only handles heat well but will not scorch your beloved dessert.

I do remember my childhood days when my mom would make hot fudge. She poured them over the fresh and hot out of the oven brownies that we would have for dessert. Truth be told, I never really paid attention to the saucepan she used.

When you have a sweet tooth for fudge, what kind of saucepan offers the best option for melting? Is the heat distribution even? Do you want a saucepan that offers not only high quality but affordability as well?

To answer your questions, there are several pots available that will satisfy your curiosity. Not only are most of them affordable, but your fudge will come out perfect every time. All of them are capable of handling high heat without warping.

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What is the Best Spiralizer for Carrots?

Woman using vegetable spiral slicer to make carrot spaghetti

While we all know it is good for us, getting enough vegetables in your diet can be a challenge. That’s why it is so great to find easy additional ways to add them into your everyday diet. One appliance that has become popular for doing so lately, is a spiralizer.

A spiralizer is a tool which allows for vegetables of all types to be cut into thin spirals, like spaghetti. These spirals can have many different uses, but one of the most popular ones is to make vegetable spaghetti, that can then form a base for a variety of dishes.

This is an extremely healthy alternative to real pasta, which is very high in carbohydrates without much nutritional value. Plus, making vegetable spaghetti is so easy with a spiralizer – it takes just a few minutes. Perhaps best of all is that you will make healthy dishes that taste great.

You can use just about any kind of vegetable in your spiralizer. Some of the most popular include cucumbers, beetroot and carrots. Carrots in particular work great in a spiralizer because they are long and skinny, and very firm in texture. This makes them very easy to put through the spiralizer.

Plus, spiralised carrots taste fantastic, as they easily soak up the flavours of the dish you are making. What’s not to love? Even kids are bound to eat up their veggies when they look and taste so great!

There are now more and more spiralizers on the market, and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is the best one to pick. Therefore, we have scoured through and brought you the 5 best spiralizers on the market.

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What’s the Best Dish Drainer for Pots and Pans?

Open dishwasher with clean glass and dishes, selective focus

Most kitchens are not complete without a dish drainer to help with draining and drying dishes. While many of us are lucky enough to have dishwashers, it is still useful to have a dish drainer for those times when dishes are hand washed.

It is particularly useful to have a dish drainer for pots and pans. Even though you can wash these in the dishwasher, they take up a lot of space and often don’t get washed properly.

Including large pots and pans in the dishwasher can also stop the dishwasher from washing other dishes properly, so many people choose to wash large dishes by hand.

The problem with washing pots and pans by hand and trying to dry them, is that most drying racks aren’t great for drying them. They can often take up all the space, and even cause the whole drainer to fall over if they aren’t stacked properly.

Luckily, there are now some great products available that can easily handle even the largest and heaviest pots and pans! We’ve scoured what’s available to bring you the best products on the market right now. So, here they are:

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What’s the Best Strainer for Kefir Grains?

mug of milk kefir on white background

Kefir grains are one of many superfoods that have exploded in popularity in the last few years, as healthy food has become incredibly popular. However, if you’re not familiar with these grains – don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Kefir grains are, despite their name, not actually a grain at all. Instead, they are a combination of yeasts and bacterias that form in milk. They are gelatinous in texture, and look a bit like little cauliflower heads. While that might not sound very tasty, they have many health benefits and also taste good when cooked properly.

Part of the reason that kefir grains are relatively unknown is due to their history. It is thought that kefir grains have been eaten and drunk for many years, originating in the Caucasian region, near modern day Russia.

They were thought to be holy in origin, and believed to have many health benefits that bordered on magical. Because of this, there was a belief that if the secret of the kefir grains made it out into public knowledge, they would lose their power. Therefore, it was kept a closely guarded secret and handed down from family to family.

Eventually, however, in the earliest 20th Century, a Russian spy found out about the grains and began to tell everyone about these great grains. It was not long before the whole world knew about them, and they became hugely popular.

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What’s the Best Oven Cleaner for Baked-On Grease?

Cleaning the oven with detergent and rag

Most people will tell you that one of the least enjoyable household chores is cleaning an oven! It can be incredibly difficult to get rid of that tough, baked on grease, and the awkward size and shape of most ovens can make it even harder.

Luckily, there are a lot of great products out there to make your life easier.

Of course, one way to minimize the amount of work you need to put in is to try to keep your oven as clean as possible in the first place. Be careful and be sure to use trays or baking sheets when cooking, especially if cooking something where oil or other liquid is likely to leak.

Also, if you do spill grease in the oven, try to clean it as quickly as possible. Of course, if you are in the middle of cooking a delicious meal it might be best to wait until your tasty dish is finished, before using any chemicals or other substances to clean the oven! But as a general rule, try not to let grease stains stay to get more and more baked on over time.

However, no matter how careful you are, chances are you will still need to clean your oven fairly regularly to keep it looking good and to make sure it is a hygienic cooking environment. Luckily, there are a lot of great oven cleaners out there to help take some of the effort out of this tiresome task!

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