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Instant Pot® Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese -

The holidays are over.  We are in that span of time where days seem to run together and I really don’t know what day of the week it is.  I have been nibbling on treats and leftovers since Christmas and I can feel my pants getting tighter.  I never shared this here, but about a year ago, I started eating better and exercising more regularly and lost about 20 pounds.  Today I finally stepped on the scale after having about two weeks of fun and I am up a few pounds.  Not a huge deal, but it is something I am ready to tackle, before things get out of hand. This Instant Pot® Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese is not part of that plan, and this blog is not a weight loss site.  This recipe is my last hurrah for a little bit, while I rein things in.  Feel free to indulge, and you shouldn’t feel too guilty, because this mac is chock-full of broccoli!


Today is Father’s Day. We have a big day planned which includes hiking and biking and enjoying some deliciousChicago-style Italian Beef Sandwiches for dinner. But before that, we will need some lunch.  It is pretty hot right now, so I have been using my Instant Pot® a lot. I have a teen and pre-teen boy and they are HUNGRY. One way to keep them full and from free-range grazing in the snack cabinet is to make pasta. They both like alfredo sauce. WIN! My younger son, who doesn’t really even like broccoli, ate two bowls. You could easily add cooked chicken breast, but I kept this vegetarian. Pasta Alfredo is very delicious, and the best part is that you won’t heat up your kitchen when you make it.


Macaroni and Cheese ​is the ultimate comfort food, and I love it in any form.  Stove top, baked, from a little blue box – you get the idea. I also love making kid-friendly recipes that I can doctor up to suit my adult tastes.  Creamy Mac and Cheese in an Instant Pot® is one of the best kid-friendly meals and it lends itself beautifully to “adult” variations. Kids and grownups alike will love this creamy, whole-grain macaroni and cheese.  Serve it plain or doctored, and I promise, dinner will be a hit!


One Pot Pasta and Meat Sauce in the Instant Pot® -

One pot pasta dishes are all the rage.  All the ingredients are cooked together in one pot. I have made several variations, which have included a basil pasta, Thai-style, and a veggie-loaded spaghetti.  All have been delicious and easy.  What could be easier then cooking all of the components of your dinner in one pot? Plus, the pasta absorbs all of the flavors from the sauce in which it cooks. This recipe for ​One Pot Pasta and Meat Sauce​is cooked in the Instant Pot®.  ​Easy, rich, and everyone loves it.​