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After unboxing the Instant Pot®, I was all ready to start cooking, but I first had to perform the initial test run that was detailed in the manual.  Fine.  How hard can it be to boil a pot of water in a pressure cooker?  It turns out that I was not patient enough and I failed my initial test run.  Embarrassing.  My son reread the instructions to me, and I waited with a bit more patience.  Thankfully, I had success, otherwise this blog would be ending right here. With that out of the way it was time to make some rice.
One of my first kitchen appliances was a rice cooker. You could say I married into it.  Initially, I was very excited to have it.  Growing up, my mom was a fantastic cook.  Some of my fondest memories from childhood were with her in the kitchen.  She taught me many things, however my mama could not and still cannot cook rice.

When I first visited my husband’s bachelor pad, I was less than impressed.  I opened his fridge to find a 2-liter of coke, a gallon of milk, some chocolate milk powder, and some potato chips (yes, in the fridge). On the counter were some bananas, and a rice cooker.  A rice cooker?  My husband is Chinese, and when his parents came to visit him they saw his empty kitchen and lack of food and thought if they bought him a rice cooker, he would steam fish and rice for his dinner every night. Ha, ha, ha.  My husband is a lot of wonderful things, but he can’t cook. It sat on his counter, and he still only ate potato chips and bananas. Fast-forward a year and I inherited an unused and very dusty rice cooker.  Within 3 months, I got rid of it. It was messy and I didn’t know how to use it correctly. The rice was mushy and unappetizing and it was easier to just learn to make it in a pot.

The first thing I decided to make in my Instant Pot® was a pot of rice.  I have gotten a lot of practice making rice for my husband and feel like I do a decent job. However, sometimes my rice scorches and sometimes it is mushy. The idea of a consistent pot of rice that I don’t have to pay attention to is appealing to a busy mom like me.  After some trial and error, which I will share in another post, I found my favorite method.
Perfect Instant Pot® White Rice
Makes 3 cups


1 cup white basmati rice
1 cup water


1. Place rice into a colander and rinse until water runs clear (basmati is not very starchy, so it does not need much rinsing). Place rinsed rice into instant pot and add water.  Cover and lock.

1. Set Instant Pot® to manual – low pressure. Adjust time to 8 minutes. When timer goes off, do a quick pressure release. Fluff rice with fork and serve.



11/29/2016 07:02:51 pm

I feel like I’m spamming you with comments LOL! But why don’t you use the rice setting? Do you change the time if you’re cooking more? I like to make a lot of rice at once and I’m not sure how much I can reasonably make in the Instant Pot all at once.


11/29/2016 10:43:32 pm

Hi Jenny,

I did some extensive testing when I first made rice, and this method gave me the best result. You can certainly test the same timing with the rice cooking setting and see which you like better. I usually make 2 cups when making rice. I haven’t tried with more, but I don’t change the time for 2 cups. I would try more than 4 cups, but I can’t speak for the success of that amount. Let me know if you try it.


1/31/2017 03:42:55 pm



4/13/2017 08:20:10 pm

Do you double the water when doubling the rice?


4/14/2017 09:07:45 am

Yes, always keep the 1:1 ratio.


1/20/2018 05:55:40 pm

I followed the recipe for rice in the instant pot. The rice was great but it stuck to the bottom of the pot, any suggestions?


1/21/2018 02:49:38 pm

Hi Lyn,

The best way to remedy this is to use the “pot-in-pot” method, which I will be sharing soon.



4/11/2018 11:50:41 pm

My instant pot is teflon coated the first time I tried the recipe it stuck to the bottom also so I rubbed about a tablespoon of butter on the bottom and it definitely helped I usually put a tablespoon of butter in my rice the rice is probably the best I have ever made. I grew up on rice my father was Japanese and my mother Irish every night we had rice and potatoes

1/21/2018 03:54:13 pm

We go for instant service over at Instantly Delicious. Here is the pot-in-pot method that will eliminate rice sticking to the bottom of your pot/


4/12/2018 09:53:19 am

Great tip. I also have the pot-in-pot method, which is my new favorite way to cook rice!


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