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Pigs in a blanket of silk

This is a simple recipe that takes average pigs in a blanket and turns them into the most luxurious pigs youve seen yet.

What you’ll need..

*1 Hot dog. I used my left over beef hog dogs.  Nom

*1 tube of Pillsbury 4 pack cresent rolls

* gruyere cheese ( this can be used again for dinner to make amazing mac n cheese… Recipe soon!)

* garlic powder

What do you do?

*preheat oven to 370

*Cut the hot dog into 8 pieces to make mini hot dogs

*cut each cresent roll into 2 pieces lengthwise

*line all the ceresent rolls next to eachother and sprinkle with garlic powder and grate on some cheese.

* roll hot dogs into cresent rolls and bake for 9-10 min or until golden brown.


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