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Instant Pot White Rice | Pot-in-Pot Method -

As I have mentioned before, I make a lot of rice.  My go-to method is basic Instant Pot White Rice, but some readers have mentioned that they don’t like to clean the rice that sticks on the bottom of the pot.  I understand completely, so I wanted to share the “pot-in-pot” method, which is just as easy and there is absolutely no mess to clean up after cooking.


My mushroom risotto recipe is by far my most pinned recipe.  It is easy and delicious.  While not necessarily a technically perfect risotto, it is pretty darn close and makes for a pretty impressive dish to serve to dinner guests.  As I was putting my garden to sleep this weekend, I noticed that my sage is still looking quite good.  We have had a mild autumn,  and I don’t believe anything has been touched by frost.  I decided to cut off a few sprigs and use it in this Instant Pot® Pumpkin Risotto.  ​It offers a hint of sage, which complements the pumpkin and nutmeg beautifully.  This fall inspired risotto works well as an entrée or side.  It also makes for a delicious recipe for your Thanksgiving menu.


Hainanese Chicken Rice in a Instant Pot® pressure cooker

I am going to start this recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice with a little Instantly Delicious geography lesson.  Hainan is an island located in the southern part of China.  During the late 19th century through World War II, immigrants started fleeing Hainan and living and working in Singapore. Singapore is a culturally diverse, island city-state situated at the southern tip of Malaysia. The Hainanese brought with them this famous dish, and it became very popular. This humble looking dish is served all over Singapore in food stalls, and should you ever visit Singapore, be sure to research who has the best.  According to my Singaporean husband, simply find the stalls with the longest lines.


Mushroom and Pea Risotto in an Instant Pot® pressure cooker - visit

Making risotto in the Instant Pot® is one of my  favorite things to prepare with my pressure cooker.  I used to be intimidated by risotto, but it is easy, fast, and always looks really impressive.  I also love that I can look into my veggie drawer and use up whatever I might otherwise waste.  This week, I had some mushrooms that were on the brink of being compost.  I sautéed them with some butter and herbs and used them as the base of this delicious Mushroom and Pea Risotto.


When my husband and I were dating and in our first few years of marriage, our favorite restaurant was a Middle Eastern place that served amazing kebabs over a bed of ​dill rice.  ​To this day, I still love this rice more than any other. It is sprinkled with buttery lima beans and the fragrant and unexpected flavor of dill.  Recreating this favorite was a breeze in the Instant Pot®. ​Now to work on my kebabs.


Until I started using the Instant Pot®, I felt that making risotto was too fussy for me.  It would either be too crunchy or too mushy. It just lacked the right consistency. Risotto is a dish that requires attention and patience.  While it is not technically hard, I sometimes lack attention and patience when I am cooking. Enter the ​Instant Pot® pressure cooker. It is a cheaters method for making a really good risotto. I am sure risotto enthusiasts would argue that it is not technically risotto, it is pretty darned good and perfect for the everyday cook looking to impress with a fancy dish.


After unboxing the Instant Pot®, I was all ready to start cooking, but I first had to perform the initial test run that was detailed in the manual.  Fine.  How hard can it be to boil a pot of water in a pressure cooker?  It turns out that I was not patient enough and I failed my initial test run.  Embarrassing.  My son reread the instructions to me, and I waited with a bit more patience.  Thankfully, I had success, otherwise this blog would be ending right here. With that out of the way it was time to make some rice.