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Super Bowl LI is just around the corner.  We are big football fans in our house. Once we have decided where to watch the game, it is time to start thinking about food.  This will be my first Super Bowl with an Instant Pot®. In the past, I have used my slow cooker to make chili or meatballs.  This year I am making pulled pork sandwiches in my Instant Pot® and am so excited to share the recipe with you.  This sandwich is sweet, savory, full of crunch, and a little messy.  I love it and think it will be the perfect thing to serve on Sunday. Even if you don’t care about football, these sandwiches should be on your to-make list. Yummy.


We are a big NFL football family.  Most Sundays (and some Thursdays and Mondays) from August through February are spent watching football and cheering on our beloved Bears.  We recently had a friend over for some football viewing and I needed an easy dinner that would be a crowd pleaser. I also did not want to have to cook when our guest was over. I use my Instant Pot® all of the time as a pressure cooker,  but I have not yet used it as a slow cooker.  This weekend I decided that I needed a slow cooker to make one of my favorite Sunday football meals. It was great not to have to cook. I just let the ​Italian Sausage​ simmer for a few hours and they were perfect when it was time for dinner.


On the weekends, I rarely cook.  We go out to dinner or order takeout.  One restaurant on our usual rotation is a Greek diner that serves gyros, roasted chicken, and souvlaki.  Souvlaki is little skewers of chicken or pork that have been grilled and are served with warm pita bread and tzatziki sauce. This past weekend, we were knee deep in school plays, homework, and crappy weather, so we stayed home and I made pork souvlaki in the Instant Pot®.


Chicago-style Italian Beef Instant Pot® -

Everyone has their guilty pleasure- mine is Chicago-style Italian Beef. Portillo’s, Al’s, Johnnie’s – you name it, I love it. It is definitely a Chicago thing, but for folks living in another part of the country, it is thinly sliced roast beef on a crusty roll with (sweet) bell peppers and (hot) giardinara, covered in gravy (the liquid in which the beef and peppers cooked). It is a wet sloppy mess, but so yummy.