Smart Kitchen Storage Products

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By : Carolyn Crutcher

Last Updated: April 21, 2022

Smart Kitchen Storage Products

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“If you want to have breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen”. Kitchen spaces have evolved tremendously over time. From cooking in open spaces with wood and fire, the kitchen has now become a space to hang out. With the advancement in time and technology, there has been a considerable shortage in general house spaces in proportion to the money we pay for it. 

The first utensil was used by people of the stone age. Initially, only mortar and pestles were used. Lain then the 8th-century spatulas and strainers came into existence. The modular kitchen spaces are designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of women now. With joint families getting replaced by nuclear families and more women joining the workforce kitchen has now become more compact and small. 

Along with that, it is also necessary that a modular kitchen has all the gadgets that save time and make the cooking process easier and more convenient for women. To avoid this crossover, we have curated a list of smart kitchen storage products. These products can save space and make your kitchen look organized. So let’s have a look.

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Smart Kitchen Storage Products

1. Food Dispenser:

Food Dispenser

Food dispensers have great use. A food dispenser is divided into a few sections with buttons. It is easy to use as you just have to press the button to get your desired quantity in a bowl that you can keep underneath the containers. They can be kept in corners. They don’t take up much space.  You don’t have to take care of cereals, nuts, rice, beans, or candies getting stale or falling out of boxes anymore. You can store absolutely anything in these containers. Food dispensers also make sure that your food products are germ-free. You just have to refill them from time to time.

2. Hangers:


A strip of hooks can be used very conveniently in any kitchen and for a lot of purposes, while it’s a good thing to have cabinets for all appliances, chopping boards, spatulas, or napkins that can better be hung from the hooks. This way they can come in handy for daily use and you don’t have to assign a different cabinet space or drawers for the same. Hangers can best be placed above the stove as they won’t come in the way when not required and have easy access when required. It can also have strainers on the hooks. 

3. Plate racks:

Plate racks

Another convenient storage space idea is installing a plate rack. To make it more worthy, install it over the sink. This way they can directly dry out and you don’t have to use extra space on the counter. Plate racks can also be used for lids and hanging towels. It is cost-effective and doesn’t need any renovation. It’s good for all sizes of plates and lids. Even kids’ dishware can easily be organized in plate racks. Apart from that Portable plate racks can also be used alternatively for holding files and notebooks. 

4. Drawer organizers:

Drawer organizers

Drawer organizers for the kitchen come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. You can make effective use of big cabinets by installing different sizes of drawer organizers according to the utensils you use. You can also differentiate them with labels. This keeps the kitchen in an unclustered manner, moreover, this storage hack can also make it easier for you to locate things. You can differentiate spoons, spatulas, knives, jars, etc. with drawer organizers. Tom Howley says that if you have a small kitchen, a kitchen drawer can offer maximum usage of space. You can get drawer organizers made of bamboo, plastic, or steel.

Tom Howley says that if you have a small kitchen, a kitchen drawer can offer maximum usage of space. You can get drawer organizers made of bamboo, plastic, or steel.

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5. Movable pegs in drawers:

Movable pegs in drawers

Specially designed for physically challenged individuals, movable pegs in the drawer are long wooden rods with springs installed in them. These pegs are generally used in drawers with height to store dishes, cooking pots, soup bowls, and pans. Often a lot of cookware requires different cabinets according to shape and size and a lot of storage space gets wasted in that. Movable pegs can be used to differentiate space in a single cabinet according to the cookware size that you store in it. Movable pegs are long-lasting and hardly required cleaning.  You can find them in a lot of sizes. 

6. Cabinet door organizers:

Cabinet door organizers

Cabinet door organizers are made of steel or plastic. They are easily installable and can be used for putting chopping boards, foil papers, towels, or anything as such. They can be custom-made as per the size of your cabinets. Cabinet door organizers are generally out of sight. It can be useful for renters as it’s easily portable. Having a simpler kitchen can make it safer. Having all the things organized makes it faster for you to cook when you are running short of time. Cabinet door organizers are a must-have for smaller kitchens. 

7. Steel air-tight container:

Steel air-tight container

When it comes to the body of the kitchen, steel is like water. Stainless steel is a very long-lasting product and a great investment. Steel containers in all sizes are a necessity. They are not only good as serving bowls but are also good for food storage over longer times as they have airtight lids. They can also be used in refrigerators. Steel containers also do not contaminate foods at any point, unlike plastic. They can be used in microwaves as well. Steel containers can also be used for carrying food from one place to another without any spill scares. 

They can be used in microwaves as well. Steel containers can also be used for carrying food from one place to another without any spill scares. 

8. Under-the-cabinet bottle rack:

A kitchen never runs short of bottles. In compact kitchen places, you can’t use storage spaces and put empty bottles. In this case, under the cabinet bottle racks come in handy. They are easily installable and convenient because they differentiate bottles and do exactly and you can easily grab the one you want. They can also be used for wine bottles as well. They can be pun under any cabinet. It’s long-lasting and doesn’t require any cleaning. Also, in smaller spaces, it is easier to have things organized instead of having them just clustered in cabinets. 

9. Turn-ables:

There are so many sauces, spices, and eatables that you need to use on an everyday basis. Now, these eatables are either stacked horizontally or vertically in your cabinets. Installing turn-ables can change the game. They can store all the bottles by saving space and making them easier to grab as they are more visually available. You can even use those on countertops for general spices. They are easily cleanable with wipes and can be very portable. Turn-ables can be square or circle-shaped. They are also available in wood or plastic. 

10. Hanging produce baskets:

Most of the space on counters is used by baskets filled with fruits and vegetables. Smart storage of kitchen products, and hanging produce baskets are simply legendary. They are three-layered hanging baskets that can be hung in any corner of the kitchen. They look very nice and modern. This way, your counter remains free and you can use that space well. Hanging produce baskets require no portability and they are very easy to clean, though they don’t require much cleaning. Hanging produce baskets are generally available in circular forms in metals, but you can always have them custom-made. 

11. Collapsible colanders:

Collapsible colanders come in a lot of sizes. Colanders have become very common nowadays. People have become more aware of washing all the food items before use. Collapsible colanders do not waste your space as they can be opened and closed. They open up in the form of a basket and close in the form of a disc. They can be hung anywhere and are also of good use when more food is to be stored. Colanders can also be of good use to be used as chopping boards. Generally, they are made of plastic and rubber. They can be easily cleaned with water.

Colanders can also be of good use to be used as chopping boards. Generally, they are made of plastic and rubber.

12. Rolling cart:

A rolling cart or a bar trolley is a boon in the kitchen. Not only can they prove to be good for storage but they can easily be kept in a corner and stacked with products. When required they can be used for serving purposes as well. Rolling carts can hold a lot of containers of fruits and vegetables. They help in better organization and hold of items that are packaged as well. They also look elegant and can be cleaned at regular intervals. 

13. Magnetic holder:

Magnetic holders are a strip that can be installed anywhere on the walls of the kitchen. They are easy to install as they get stuck on the wall. There are so many knives and scissors that are used in the kitchen. You can install the magnetic holder right above your sink or stove. This way you can easily grab them for use or easily hang them to dry after a wash. Knives should be well within the visuals of the eye to make sure that they aren’t around kids or so. So it’s better to keep them separated to avoid losing any in clusters. 

14. Hang bins in the fridge:

Refrigerator hacks for storage can never go to waste. Everyday way to make your refrigerator mess-free is going to be used no matter what.  Refrigerators are a great place for a variety of food and that variety brings a shortage of space. To avoid that, a lot of people use containers stacked above one another to separate all the things. But hanging bins are a step ahead. Hanging bins are containers that can be hung on the separating discs of the refrigerator. They can be used for any kind of storage. They are generally plastic made but they make it very easier for the containers under them to be pulled out for use. 

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15. Shelf-risers:

Shelf-risers are generally made of plastic. In cabinets where the height is more, shelf risers can help in creating extra storage space. They are an extra layer in the cabinet that’s flexibly portable. You can even stack crockery, towels, or foils and papers on them, they are as good as an extra shelf layer in a cabinet. When you’re in a rented place or when you don’t want a permanent shelf, these shelf risers are useful. They can be easily taken out or put in and require no other fittings. They can be wiped easily with swipes as well.  

16. Storage shelves on higher levels:

Storage spaces in the kitchen should never be limited within the reach of your hand. For smarter and easier kitchen facilities, make sure that you utilize all the walls of the kitchen well. For the cabinets that are out of your reach, you can put the items that are less used. This way you can have ample space to store your bigger vessels as well. 

17. Island drawers:

Island drawers are drawers that are constructed on the island under the countertop. Generally, the island tops are used for dining or serving but why just use the countertop?. Getting island drawers can provide you with abundant space. They can be used for storing kitchen essentials like cleaning towels or a stack of aprons. It’s not a product but storage space needs to be constructed and not always randomly found.

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So here are some smart kitchen storage products and ideas that can help you turn your compact kitchen full of necessary products and less of a mess. Mostly all the products are available online and they are convenient and long-lasting. They don’t require much cleaning. They are cost-effective as well. 

Whatever your kitchen type is, it is necessary to keep it spacious and organized. This creates less ruckus and accidents and aids in a very compatible way of access to all the things. So make sure that you get the best for your kitchen. We hope that this article provides you with enough hacks to construct the best storage ways that your kitchen needs. Apart from these, there are so many other ways to make a great designed kitchen. According to your use, you can learn and custom your storage. Make sure that whatever you invest in, is easy and quick to save your time and money. 

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