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Last Updated: October 22, 2018

Kitchen Gadgets Maven is reader-supported and may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links. Learn More

Kitchen Gadgets Maven is reader-supported and may earn a commission when you book or purchase using our links. Learn more about our affiliate disclaimer here.

Flavored sparkling drinks were once available only through retailers. With advancements in home appliance technologies, sparkling water can now be created at home using tap water.

SodaStream offers a variety of starter kits designed to provide a compact size and consistent infusion.

It can be hard to determine the differences between the models offered by the same manufacturer and these soda maker kits are no exception.

This review will compare the SodaStream Fizzi  Vs the SodaStream Jet starter kits, offering a side by side examination of features to determine which one is the best product for you.

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SodaStream Starter Kits

Each starter kit includes a water maker housing, a reusable water bottle, and a CO2 cylinder. They do not require batteries or electrical power from an outlet, as the carbonation is achieved through infusion from the CO2 bottles.

SodaStream Water Maker Housing

SodaStream Water Maker Housing

The housing for both models provides a small footprint on the countertop but will require more than a foot and a half of overhead clearance.

Back panels on the units separate from the housing to expose the space where the CO2 canister is stored. A push-button release on the Jet makes it slightly easier to remove and reset than the panel on the Fizzi. The paneling is thin but should hold up to average wear without damage.

Fizzi color designs include black or white while the Jet model comes in a black and silver color scheme. The Fizzi surface is also covered by a bumpy texture that adds to its look, something that the Jet model lacks.

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SodaStream CO2 Canisters


Both models can accept the proprietary bottles that SodaStream makes for the entire line of products. The Fizzi model comes with a 60-liter canister while the Jet comes with a small 9-liter canister.

A mail-in rebate coupon is included with the Jet that will allow you to obtain a free 60-liter canister.

SodaStream indicates that the Jet model is also compatible with a larger 130-liter CO2 canister as well. Spent CO2 containers can be exchanged through the company, although flying restrictions on pressurized containers mean that you will need to find a local source for CO2.

Using the company website store locator page will provide you with a list of local retailers who carry soda and carbonated appliance products, including the proprietary canisters used by both models.

you drink more water

Fortunately, many appliances and grocery chain stores carry these types of products.

CO2 canisters screw into the top of the housing by hand and do not require tools for tightening.

SodaStream Reusable Bottle

A one-liter bottle is included with each model and is made from BPA-free plastics. The lack of Bisphenol A hardeners used in their manufacturing process might be important to families with younger children in light of recent changes in FDA ratings.

Less Sugar

A threaded top allows the bottles to be screwed into the housing as well as providing purchase for the twist bottle cap.

The plastic is clear and provides a fill line mark for optimal water volume when making a carbonated beverage.

SodaStream Operations

The Fizzi model usages a hinged connector that will allow the bottle to be twisted onto the housing before positioning it into place. On the Jet, the front face portion along the top can be pressed outwards to provide the angle needed to connect the bottle.

SodaStream Operations

Once the bottle is resting in a verticle position it is ready to accept the CO2 charge.

A large button is located on both units and is activated by pressing it into the housing. Carbonating the water requires several depressions on the button, allowing it to return to its original position between bursts.

The CO2 will make a distinct sound as it enters into the bottle and the gas can be seen entering the water as well.

It is worth noting that a couple of charging pumps may be necessary when a new CO2 canister is connected to the housing in order to prime the system.


Neither starter kit includes flavoring. The Fizzi can be filled from a bottle, while the Jet can also accept flavor capsules that are attached to the threads and pressed upon to inject flavoring into the bottle. The company offers a wide variety of flavors to use with both models.


SodaStream flavors may be easier to locate as they can also be purchased online and shipped to you, unlike the proprietary CO2 canisters.

Which SodaStream Model Is The Best?

While there appear to be only cosmetic differences between the two starter kits, we believe that the the SodaStream Fizzi edges out the SodaStream Jet model as the better product.

It offers a slightly smaller profile, making it a bit more compact than the Jet. It also provides a unique texture and two color options for more variety. It lacks the depressed buttons that secure the back housing on the Jet, but the Fizzi is still fairly easy to open and close.

Its hinged bottle connector operates in a similar fashion as its counterpart, as does the push-button activator.

The stand-out feature on this model is the 60-liter CO2 canister included at purchase, allowing you to make more carbonated drinks before it must be exchanged.

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