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By : Carolyn Crutcher

Last Updated: October 20, 2018

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If you’re planning to go on a camping adventure, one of the most important accessories to pack is a camp stove. This will ensure you have food on the go.

Different camp stoves come with different features and designs. The best one for you will depend on your priorities.

Portable, lightweight camp stoves are ideal if you’ll be traveling a long way on foot, or if you’re otherwise concerned about luggage space.

However, these stoves may not have as many comprehensive features as a larger stove.

We’ve compared and contrasted two good camp stoves, the BioLite CampStove 2 and the Solo Stove Lite .

The Solo Stove prioritizes portability and efficiency, while the Biolite boasts impressive technological features. Both have things you want to see in an ideal camp stove.

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Quick Comparison:

Product Weight Portable Design Burn Settings Smokeless burn Generates Electricity Includes Battery Includes Battery
#1. Biolite
Our Best Pick

Check Price
2.2 pounds No 4 burn settings Produces little smoke on the right setting Yes Yes Yes
#2. Solo

Check Price
0.56 pounds Yes Standard burning Produces little smoke NoNoNo
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Biolite 2 Overview

Biolite has released an updated version of their camp stove, called the CampStove 2. It weighs 2.2 pounds and boasts several upgrades over its predecessor.

In comparison to the original CampStove, this model generates electricity 50 percent faster, has more stable overall leg design, and includes a new LED display panel.

The stove generates electricity and then stores it in its high-powered battery. The included fan has 4 speeds, allowing you to create everything from small smokeless burns to towering infernos. In addition, the design is compatible with all other BioLite accessories.

As for convenience, the battery pack can be removed, so the stove doesn’t need to be dragged around to recharge.

Increased air flow through the system helps to dissipate the smoke produced, ideal if you’re concerned about your lungs.

There are some potential drawbacks, however. The stove itself weighs 2.2 pounds, without considering possible accessories.

If you want to bring the grill, kettle, and stove with you, you’ll need two people. The package will be too bulky to carry alone.

One other possible drawback is that adding wood and checking on the fire can only be done if you remove the pots and pans, which has the potential to interrupt your cooking.

Solo Stove Lite Overview

The Solo Stove Lite weighs only 0.56 pounds. It comes with the Pot 900, both accessories packed into a quaint drawstring bag. The stove will be stored inside the pot in another drawstring bag.

The Solo Stove’s design is great for storing tinder and other objects. It’s also extremely convenient, with a one-step setup. All you have to do is take the pot ring out and set it on the top of the stove.

The compact method is ideal for people trying to consolidate space on their camping trip, as the pot and stove are easily nestled together. Another high quality aspect is the durable construction.

If you use dry material, the stove produces very little smoke. Burning is also efficient, with only soot and small particles left at the bottom afterward. The pot has an upright locking handle and pour spout for easier convenience.

One potential drawback is the shallow burn chamber. Without a great deal of room to pack tinder, you might go through your tinder very quickly and see your fire go out.

Similarities Between Biolite and Solo Stove

Both of these camp stoves are optimized for people who plan to trek over long distances. They both have very efficient burn quality along with incredibly durable construction.

If smokeless or low-smoke burning is a priority, either of these stoves will do the trick.

Differences Between Biolite and Solo Stove

The Biolite stove has more overall features, while the Solo stove provides maximum portability.

The Solo stove is about 1/4 of the weight of the Biolite stove. It also comes with a portable, space-saving design that tucks the stove inside your cooking pot.

The Biolite stove has 4 potential burn settings, allowing for a greater control over your flame. It also has a deeper burn chamber, which lets it burn hotter and longer than the Solo stove.

The Biolite stove generates electricity and includes a battery that can be removed for recharging. The Solo stove, on the other hand, relies on combustible material.

Because of the added features and electronic capability, the Biolite stove is about twice as expensive as the Solo stove.

Which Is Best?

Both of these models take a deeply different approach to camp stove design. It’s hard to rank one as better than the other. Instead, the one you should choose will depend largely on your circumstances.

Are you planning to walk a long way? Is the compactness of your luggage a big concern? If so, you’ll be better served by the Solo stove’s portable and compact design.

The BioLite CampStove 2 and accessories will be too cumbersome for one person to manage.

Do you need a stove capable of generating electricity? If electricity generation is a big priority, go with the Biolite stove.

How long do you need your burn times to last for? The Solo Stove Lite has incredibly efficient burns, but the shallow burn chamber means they don’t last for long.

On the other hand, the Biolite can keep up a sustained burn for a long time.

Are multiple burn settings a priority? The Biolite has 4 settings to choose from, allowing you to regulate the amount of smoke and heat released into your environment.

The Solo, on the other hand, just has a simple burn system.

Finally, consider your budget. The Biolite stove is significantly more expensive than the Solo stove, so you should only use it if its extra features will truly be helpful.

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