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The Best Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew – Top 6 Reviewed and Compared

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Last Updated: December 12, 2019

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Cold brews have been increasingly becoming one of the most popular forms of coffee with big coffee chains such as Starbucks and Dunkin now making it a permanent part of the menu that they offer.

Rather than being charged exorbitant prices by the high street coffee chains you can very easily make amazing cold brews at home using a coffee grinder. In this article, we are going to be helping you find the best coffee grinder for cold brew.

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What Is a Cold Brew?

A lot of people get confused about the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee, although they may sound like the same thing there are actually very big differences.

The main difference is in how they are made, iced coffee is brewed hot like your traditional coffee and then served cold while with a cold brew by grinding the coffee beans beforehand and then soaking them in usually room temperature water to allow for the flavor and essence of the coffee to properly mix in.

Cold-brew is generally less thick and also has much stronger coffee taste compared to iced coffee which may be diluted with milk, sugar, and sweeteners.

Why People Drink Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold-brew coffee has been a very popular drink in artisanal cafes in metropolitan areas such as New Orleans, the recent surge in popularity can be attributed to Starbucks who introduced the drink to their outlets in 2015.

Apart from having a great taste and being trendy, cold brew coffee offers a lot of health benefits such as having anti-aging properties that reduce how much your skin sags and wrinkles up.

It is also full of ingredients such as potassium and magnesium that can reduce the chance of you suffering from a heart attack by ensuring that your heart is functioning properly so that it can process all the blood pumping around your body.

Furthermore, research proves that cold brew is much more easily digestible thanks to the way that it is made compared to other coffee drinks as well as hot drinks like hot chocolate.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Grinder Reviews

1. OXO Brew Coffee Grinder

Manufactured and sold by the well known OXO brand who design and manufacture hundreds of different cooking and kitchen related products. Therefore you should have no worries when ordering products from this well-known brand especially on Amazon where you have access to additional buyer protection.

Key Features:

One of the biggest selling points of this coffee grinders is how customizable it is, for example, you can set your own favorite settings that you can then set to be used by your coffee machine every single time. Furthermore, there are 15 different settings that you can tweak to help you customize as much as possible your coffee brew.

The OXO Brew Coffee Grinder also allows you to grind 0.75 lbs of coffee beans at once saving you a lot of time and energy if for whatever reason you need to brew multiple cups of coffee at once. The cup where the grinding happens can also be easily removed and cleaned ensuring that this coffee grinder will last you a very long time as you can avoid the build-up of blockage from loose coffee particles.

Additionally, all the blades inside the grinder are created from extra-durable stainless steel that ensures that they will last you for many years to come even under heavy use.

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2. Ariete-Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder

A world-renowned Italian coffee machine brand that is part of the Delonghi group which is one of the biggest Italian small appliances manufacturers with revenues in the billions.

Key Features:

With this coffee grinder, you have the ability to grind your coffee extremely finely if that is what you require, although not the most popular or essential features it is still an extra feature that you can make use of if you are ever in need of it. Additionally, there is another 14 grind options that you can choose from to fit the style of coffee that you are trying to make.

A further feature is that the Ariete coffee grinder has been built to be easily taken apart allowing it to be easily cleaned up as well as any parts that get broken can get replaced with ease without having to pay for a brand new machine.

Although not directly a feature of the product, the Delonghi company which manufacturers this kitchen appliance is widely known and praised for offering some of the highest customer services out there so you should have no worries if your machine ever breaks down.


3. Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Mill

Another product from a well-known brand, Secura is a company that specializes in all kinds of small appliances for kitchens such as toasters, waffle makers and blenders to name just a few.

Key Features:

This electric burr coffee grinder comes with 17 grind sizes to choose from which is 2 more options than average which is very good value for money considering that this appliance is priced at the lower end of the scale.

Moreover, this coffee grinder has a pretty rare feature for grinders at least, and this feature is the automatic turn off timer that automatically turns off the machine after the allotted time if it has been inactive for all that time. Apart from potentially saving you a lot of money on electricity, this feature also minimizes the chance of a fire starting due to the electrical appliance.

Additionally, this grinder is noted for being a very quick grinder which allows you to save a lot of time as you no longer have to wait 5 minutes for your grinder to finish its job.


4. HoLead 1 Electric Coffee Grinder Blade Mill

An electric coffee grinder with a unique capsule-like look, the company that has created this product called HoLead is not very well known which is something to consider when thinking about purchasing this product.

Key Features:

The HoLead 1 has high capacity storage that can grind up to 8 cups worth of coffee at once, which is both efficient and time-saving. The way the storage of the appliance is designed ensures the smooth flow of coffee around the machine while it is being grounded up preventing any blockage from occurring.

What’s more, is that the blades of this machine are made from high-quality stainless steel that allows them to operate for long periods of time without becoming blunt.

Finally, the appearance of this coffee grinder blade mill is very innovative and it can fit in with all kinds of home design choices from the more traditional to the modern look.


5. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Created by the American company Baratza who is well known for creating some of the highest quality equipment for all kinds of coffee brewing for both professionals and people at home. Furthermore, the Baratza brand are winners of the ‘Specialty Coffee Associating Award-Winning Grinders’ which celebrates the best coffee making appliances used by professionals.

Key Features:

The Baratza Encore Conical comes with a whopping 40 grind settings that allow you to not just make cold brew but the vast majority of other types of coffee such as espresso, lungo, and cappuccino for example. This feature alone justifies the higher than average price that this coffee appliance is set at.

High-quality engineering gives this coffee grinder a competitive edge over a lot of the others out there, one example of this is the alloy strengthened steel alloys that are used to create the blades in this grinder.

Despite having so many different features and modes, the manufacturers of this burr coffee grinder have ensured that it still remains user-friendly and easy to figure out.


6. TTLIFE Electric Coffee Grinder

Priced at the higher end of the scale, the TTLIFE Electric Coffee Grinder comes with a simplified interface but does not compromise on having a lot of high-quality features that we will talk more about below.

Key Features:

One of the features that make this coffee grinder stand out is that it comes with four coffee cups of different capacities that allow you to more easily measure how much coffee beans you need to put in. Every single one of those cups is specially made to ensure that they lock properly into the machine and prevent that they never come off during the grinding process.

This coffee grinder uses a 200W motor that allows for consistently powerful performance that can grind coffee to the highest quality that you would expect from this appliance.

Furthermore, the manufacturers of this coffee machine market it as being created not just for grinding coffee beans but also being suitable for grindings herbs and nuts.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Grinder for Cold Brew


To conclude, all of these coffee grinders that we have decided to include in this list are very high-quality appliances that will do the job but it all depends on what extra features that you are looking for. If you are looking for a product with a lot of features then the Baratza Encore Conical and OXO Brew Coffee Grinder are two very good options.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for good value for money products that can get the job done then HoLead 1 Electric Coffee Grinder and potentially the Secura Electric Burr Grinder are two good options to choose from in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a cold brew, it is important that you do not go overboard and grind the coffee beans into a thin powder-like substance as it will be very hard to separate them from the water after. Instead, you should grind it coarsely in a way that chops up the beans into smaller pieces allowing them to be exposed to the water so that the flavor and smell can create a good cold brew coffee.

There is no recommended time of how long you should be grinding the beans instead you need to do it for as long as needed until they are all well ground up.

Burr grinders compared to blade grinders are generally better at more evenly grinding up the coffee beans and make sure that there are no rogue chunks that are bigger than the rest leftover. When you are grounding coffee beans for a cold brew it is important to note that although a burr grinder will do a better job at making sure that everything is even it will not be very noticeable as the coffee beans will need to be cut up coarsely anyway.

No, it is not possible to steep a cold brew for too long as most of the flavor is absorbed by the water between and 4 hour and 8-hour mark and when you keep it for longer than that there will not be a noticeable change in flavor as their coffee beans will not have anything more to give. Instead, it is possible to steep a cold brew for too short of time if you are impatient.

Research shows that cold brew is a bit healthier than coffee that has been brewed the traditional method by heating up as when the some of the coffee beans are heated up the minerals and particles that go in the water are burned up they lose their healthy properties.

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