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Instant Pot® Caramelized Onions -

One of the first recipes I shared on Instantly Delicious was a recipe for Instant Pot® Caramelized Onions.  It was a popular recipe, but I received a lot of comments that people had problems.  I did a quick test and one time it worked, another it didn’t.  I decided that since I didn’t have time to work on the recipe, I would just take it down until I could fix it.  Since then, I have received several emails asking where the recipe went.  In my haste, I deleted the post without saving my work (story of my life), so I had to start again.  I am kind of glad that I did, so I wouldn’t continue testing something that wasn’t working.  I did a lot of reading and revisited the Serious Eats post for Instant Pot® caramelized onions, which I originally read to see if I could learn why my method wasn’t working.  However, there were mixed reviews for that recipe, too.  I decided I would borrow the addition of baking soda to speed up the browning process (Maillard reaction), and rethink how I cooked the onions entirely.  I am really pleased with the results and am ready to share them again.


Instant Pot® No-Boil

I stumbled upon the “cold start” yogurt technique on Pinterest from This Old Gal. It’s funny, when I bought my Instant Pot®, I immediately thought about all of the wonderful things I would be making.  Little did I know that more than anything else, I would use my Instant Pot® to make Greek Yogurt. I make a batch of yogurt, pretty much every week.  Up until recently, I have been using this method for homemade yogurt. After making the yogurt, I chill it in the fridge overnight and then strain off the whey until I have thick and creamy Greek Yogurt. Delicious.  The no-boil method is SO MUCH BETTER.  No fussing with thermometers.  No icky film to remove. No worry about scorching on the bottom – just thick, creamy, perfect yogurt, ready to eat or strain into Greek Yogurt.  The trick is to use ultra-pasteurized milk.  Ultra-pasteurized milk is heated to a higher temperature than regular pasteurized milk, which kills more bacteria.  Because of this, you can skip the step of heating your milk to 180-200F. I have experimented with two different brands and both have worked for me.


I want to share a fun recipe for your Instant Pot®​Salted Caramel Sauce. ​Yes, I know you can easily make it on your stove top. Yes, I realize that this might not be the best way to use your Instant Pot®, but it definitely works and was pretty fun to make. We celebrate Christmas at our house, and after indulgent desserts at Thanksgiving, holiday treats at gatherings throughout December, and my Aunt Jane’s famous chocolate mousse on Christmas Eve, we like to go EASY for Christmas dessert. My mom, sister, and I bake delicious cookies every year, and we bake enough for a small army. After sharing with friends and neighbors, we make one last beautiful platter just for us (because we never sample cookies as we go – KIDDING.) We also serve bowls of ice cream with hot fudge and salted caramel sauce to drizzle on top.  Nothing fussy or difficult and a lovely way to wrap up the Christmas season.


How to cook corn in an Instant Pot® pressure cooker

Despite feeling like mid-March most days here in the Midwest, summer is about a month away. What does that mean?  ​Corn on the Cob!​ My absolute favorite way to make it, is to grill it in the husk.  My absolute second favorite way to make it, is to steam it in the ​Instant Pot®. ​ Nothing could be more simple and I loved not having to fuss with boiling corn on the stove, because sometimes I don’t pay attention and it overcooks.  Nobody likes that.


This isn’t a recipe, per se. It is more of a technique for cooking broccoli in the Instant Pot®. I was so excited to make all sorts of steamed veggies using the steam setting in the pressure cooker.  However, I was less than impressed with my first few attempts.  Asparagus? Soggy. Broccoli? Reduced to a grayish hue. This is no way to treat a vegetable, and certainly no way to convince your family to eat more green things.


Homemade Yogurt in the Instant Pot® -

I am a city-girl, born and raised. I took the train to H.S., know how to hail a cab, live in an urban area, and love all of the things city living has to offer. That said, my dear friend Laura lovingly refers to me as “Amish” and I kind of love it. I mean, sometimes after negotiating rush-hour traffic and the hustle and bustle of my daily life, I long for a simplicity. Something that involves churning-butter, baling hay, more realistically – making homemade yogurt.  I have been making yogurt for years and try to make it every week. I make it in my oven, or in my snazzy yogurt maker, and now in my ​Instant Pot®on the yogurt setting.


If you are not storing your vegetable scraps in a Ziploc bag in the freezer, then you need to start now.  Every time you peel a carrot, or chop onions and celery, save the scraps. You will be so thankful because you can make vegetable stock in an instant, and it is so easy. I have been doing this for years, and use them any time I need chicken or vegetable stock.


I love to cook.  I love nifty gadgets.  I have a small kitchen.  I recently got wind of a magical kitchen gadget called an Instant Pot®, an electric pressure cooker that could possibly replace not only my trusty slow cooker, but also my yogurt and rice cooker. ​