Vitamix 6500 vs 7500: Same Team But One Has Better Game?

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Last Updated: April 9, 2021

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Vitamix is well-known for making high-quality blenders and as a result, they are very popular. Every year, they release new models with improvements to their blenders. This is exactly why it’s inevitable to be faced with two almost similar versions of Vitamix. Vitamix 6500 vs 7500 – Which one would you choose? 

In this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about these two versions and their key differences. 

Vitamix 7500

Vitamix 7500

A powerful, quiet motor and a unique design dampen motor noise. The G-Series, which is short for “Next-Generation”, the product line offers Vitamix’s most powerful motor as well as a unique design that dampens motor noise by as much as 40% compared to previous Vitamix models.

Vitamix blenders have been used in over 150 countries and their 7500 is the best-selling blender of all time. Its powerful 2.2 HP motor and new airflow and internal cooling system help the 7500 runs quieter and cooler so it’s less likely to overheat.

Besides the new sleek design, the most visible difference between the Vitamix 7500 and G-series blenders is the wide, low-profile container. This allows for easier storage under your kitchen cabinets. 

Vitamix blenders are commonly recognized for the tall narrow containers which work well but prevent the blender from fitting under a kitchen cabinet. The G-series low-profile containers are about 3 inches shorter and allow for easy storage under a cabinet.

The new low-profile containers of the Vitamix 7500 have a wider base that integrates with a longer 4-inch blade compared to Vitamix’s traditional containers. The wider 4-inch blade works especially well with thick recipes and food prep like chopping.

The Vitamix 7500 comes with a 64oz container but it is also compatible with the following dry grains containers: 

  • 32oz
  • 48oz 
  • 32oz 

It also comes with a tamper, Getting Started DVD, and professional Vitamix recipe book.

Vitamix 7500 Features

The Motor

The Vitamix 7500 features an extremely powerful 2.2 HP motor. It is plenty of power for any blending task. The new G-series internal design allows it to stay cool longer so you can make smoothies longer without worrying about the motor overheating.

The distinguishing aspect of this blender is that it has a high torque and a wide range of speeds. The true range in speeds is one of the more important features to those who want to get the full use out of their blender for cooking and other processes while still maintaining control over the speed.

 It’s better than many other high-powered brands available on the market today.


The Vitamix 7500 uses the company’s ever-popular ten-speed variable control dial. The dial on the 7500 is larger than older models and easier to turn.

There are no preset blending settings on the 7500, but there is a pulse function that helps not only during the cleaning process but also in food prep where you don’t want to puree the ingredients. 

There is also an on/off master power switch on the right side and several indicators that help you with knowing at all times what speed and time you should be running your machine at.

What Vitamix 7500 is Best For

The Vitamix 7500 can be used for a wide variety of kitchen tasks, including blending, mixing, chopping, creating purees, making hot soups, and smoothie creation.

The Vitamix 7500 is a high-power blender with the perfect size container.

Whether it’s dense ingredients or thick recipes the 7500 does a quick efficient job and blends everything in a matter of seconds.

Vitamix 7500 Pros

We love the new design of the Vitamix 7500 G Series. It delivers all the power that we have come to expect from Vitamix blenders and gives you even more control over your blending ingredients with the new presets and manual speed settings on the dial.

With its ergonomic design and simple controls, the 7500 is perfect for beginners and those who have been blending for years. The new low-profile containers are easier to clean than the ones in older Vitamix models and the ergonomic design adds comfort to your blending experience.

Vitamix 6500

Vitamix 6500

The Vitamix 6500 is a versatile home blender that can blend almost anything you throw at it, from frozen sorbets to hot soups. It’s perfect for blending nuts into butter or even making creamy shakes.

Designed for cutting-edge performance, this blender’s patented 2-peak HP motor gives you the power and precision you need to create great blends. You can pulse it on low speed or run it at up to a whopping 14,000 RPM. 

With 4-blade action, the blade assembly is actually longer than most blenders and twice as long as blenders like Vitamix 6300 that have 3-blade assemblies.

The Vitamix 6500 is pretty easy to use. Simply get your ingredients together, put them in the blender, and choose your desired preset button. The machine has a tamper that is used to tamp down the ingredients while you are processing them. 

Note that you don’t necessarily have to tamp frequently or forcefully – the machine has a blade that requires less effort on your part.

The Vitamix 6500 is a durable model from a popular brand. It has a good container size which eliminates the need to process the same ingredients just to create several servings. With its size, however, it can still save up storage space. It’s designed to fit most kitchen counters and cabinets.

You won’t have to worry about your kitchen’s design with Vitamix 6500. It’s available in four different colors – red, white, black and even platinum.

If you’re looking for a top-notch blender, the Vitamix 6500 will give you more than adequate power, consistency, and durability for most tasks. However, if you are going to use it in a restaurant environment where it can be incredibly noisy, you may want to look elsewhere.

Vitamix 6500 to 7500

Verify 6500 and 7500 have the same number of variable speeds. The choices give you better control over the texture you’ll get for your mixture.

The Vitamix 6500 blender comes with a total of four digital controls. You can control the speed, plus determine which of the ten programmed presets you want to use. There are two variable-speed dials that provide 64-ounces containers. 

It’s big enough to create drinks for the entire family. There’s no need to create several batches just to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

The blade of this blender is made from aircraft-grade stainless steel. This reflects durability and the capability to power through really tough ingredients. You can blend ice, frozen fruits, and nuts without worrying about the consistency of the results you’ll get.

The Vitamix 6500 and 7500 both clean easily! The containers are not dishwasher safe. They can be cleaned in your dishwasher, however, placing the containers on the top shelf will prevent a mess.

The Vitamix 7500 blenders come in three different but gorgeous colors. They’re available in red, black, and white and you can conveniently pick one that’ll match your kitchen’s design.

Vitamix 6500 VS 7500

At first glance, the Vitamix 6500 and 7500 look a lot alike. Unlike other models, both machines come with a 64-ounce container, which is exactly why they are often compared to each other.


The blenders also have the same 1200 watt electric motor which promises a power of 2.2 HP. Both of them have a cord length of 6 feet. This should be enough to give you the freedom to process vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients with ease.

Both machines have a pulse switch and variable speed control which ranges from 1 to 10. The Vitamix 6500 has 3 pre-programmed settings, while the Vitamix 7500 does not.

Both of them have a cord length of 6 feet. This should be enough to give you the freedom to process vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients with ease.



These are the differences between these two models. On one hand, the 6500 is for casual chefs who don’t want to fiddle with knobs and touchpads. 

On the other hand, the 7500 though is designed for the more professional and demanding users that’ll want to be extra careful in creating their best smoothies.


The Vitamix 6500 and the Vitamix 7500 both share a number of great similarities. They are also backed by a superb warranty and amazing customer service.

Both blenders come with a 7-year warranty. With it, you can eliminate all worries and enjoy baking time to the fullest!


Now, as for differences, the first one on the list is the size of their bases. The 6500 has a larger base compared to 7500. It also has a more classic curved jar design than the modern straight jar of 7500.


The Vitamix 6500 is a bit lighter than the 7500 but not enough to make a difference. Their difference in weight, however, isn’t that great. The Vitamix 6500 weighs 11.95 pounds while the Vitamix 7500 weighs 12.5 pounds.

The 6500 has a larger base compared to 7500. It also has a more classic curved jar design than the modern straight jar of 7500.

Tip: You may also disassemble the jar’s components and hand-wash each one.

Vitamix 6500 vs 7500: Which is better?

Both blenders look and perform relatively similar. They have low-profile containers, the same cord length, 10’, and similar blade housing. They even come with the same length for the warranty.

Before deciding to buy any blender, it’s important to focus on your needs. Which blender has the power and features that you need? Most importantly, is it easy to use?

If you’re looking for a high-performance blender that provides professional results, the Vitamix 6500 is perfect for you. If you want to take your smoothie game to new heights, look no further than the 7500. 

So, the 6500 is ideal for most of your needs, and the 7500 is made for the more serious home chef.

One warning, though.

The Vitamix 7500 is a bit more expensive than the 6500. If you aren’t planning on making much more than smoothies, then the 6500 is enough. The extra cost of the 7500 is for features that may not apply to your use case.

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