Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets You Will Come Across on Internet Today!

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Picture of By: Carolyn Crutcher

By: Carolyn Crutcher

Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets You Will Come Across on Internet Today!

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Buying weird things is a guilty pleasure for so many of us. You have to admit that at some point, you have scrolled through Amazon looking at gadgets that make absolutely no sense but spike your curiosity nevertheless.

You have absolutely no need for such devices but owning them would be satisfying, to say the least. Whether these weird kitchen gadgets that we have discovered for you are useful is for you to judge. All the same, you can be sure that you will be tempted to click Buy for no logical reason.

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Weirdest Kitchen Gadgets

1. Egg Cuber:

Okay- so the rule of the game is- don’t ask why you need these gadgets. And egg cuber is one such device that serves no real cooking purpose but hey- cubed eggs. Maybe your children will be entertained by having cube-shaped eggs for breakfast or maybe these eggs will fit right into any breakfast art projects you have taken up. Cook them up for a family brunch and get everyone talking. When you plan to invest in an egg cuber, there are some catches you don’t expect. Like the fact that you have to buy a minimum of six. Or that the entire thing costs you $66.99.

2. Adjustable Rolling Pin:

Adjustable Rolling Pin

Weird does not equal to uncool. Proving that statement right is this adjustable rolling pin that helps you measure your dough effectively. Forget about hunting for the ruler every time you just want to bake some cookies or a pie to get the amount of dough right. These rolling pins have ruled marks down their sides and the handles are adjustable. You can cut out a straight piece of parchment or even puff pastry all the while rolling your dough out. It costs you just $18.55 and is multipurpose.

3. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray:

Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Summer is rolling in and all you can think about is keeping yourself hydrated and cool. Imagine running in the scorching sun and craving a bit of ice water or just some ice in your juice that comes in an inconveniently narrow bottle. Ice cubes are generally just that- cubes of ice. A shape that simply cannot be squeezed into your bottlenecks. However, this unique water bottle ice cube tray changes the game entirely and lets you freeze ice in thin strips that you can drop inside bottles and take on the go! 

4. Strainer Cutting Board:

Strainer Cutting Board

This weird kitchen gadget is something that you never knew you needed before. Working with a small kitchen but do you still like your meals cooked at home? Ergonomic gadgets are all the hype now. Go minimal with this convenient little gadget you can use to strain your fruits and vegetables after you wash them. It fits on your sink and you don’t have to move the gadget when you want to begin the next step: chopping the vegetables. You can also use the basket separately as a colander.

 You want to begin the next step: chopping the vegetables. You can also use the basket separately as a colander. 

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5. Rub-A-Way Bar:

Rub-A-Way Bar

Are you worried about the odor that remains in your hand after you are done prepping vegetables like onions, garlic, and other similarly fragrant foods? Well, don’t be. These vegetables are highly nutritious and add great flavor to all dishes in most cuisines. However, after the cooking is done, you find yourself having to deal with the odor that lingers in your hand. The Rub-A-Way bar gets rid of the unwanted stink that remains in your hand. It is made of steel and acts as a scrub to remove the molecules causing such fragrances. You can get this clever little gadget for just $8.99.

6. Potato Press:

Potato Press

Making mashed potatoes does not have to be difficult anymore or something that you just do during Thanksgiving. Smash those potatoes easily using this clever little potato press that is very easy to use and clean. You can have mashed potatoes whenever you want now and make them at home. You can go through 10 to 20 potatoes in just a matter of a few minutes and tackle them down so easily. It comes with three filtered disks and can be used to smash potatoes, beans, tomatoes, and more. You can also make juices and sauces using this device. 

7. Ice Cream Slider Maker:

Ice Cream Slider Maker

Back to summer, do we realize just how many preservatives are there in store-bought cookies and ice cream? Also, you must be tired of just making ice pops at home instead of delicious creamy ice cream. Using this amazing little device, you can make your ice cream sandwiches at home to the greatest delight of everyone. Use any cookie you like and add the ice cream to the mould and complete the sandwich with another cookie- and that’s all folks! 

Use any cookie you like and add the ice cream to the mould and complete the sandwich with another cookie- and that’s all folks! 

8. Alli-Grater:


Just in case you were wondering why our gadgets were not weird enough, we bring you this alligator-themed cheese grater. The handles define the uniqueness of the gadget. When it is spread out, it gives the appearance of the head of an alligator. And when you close it, it appears to be just like the teeth of, you guessed it, an alligator. You can make use of this device to grate anything from carrots to cheese. It does not exactly pose any cleaning threats. And no it does not bite. 

9. Corn Peeler:

Corn Peeler

This is something that you might just want to buy for the novelty of it or to entertain your children. Using a knife to peel your corn does the job just as well. This corn stripper can be used to strip the corn by sliding it over the corn and the kernels just fall off into a bowl. Everything can be done in a single pushing end twisting motion. The corn will be stripped in seconds. The device is very easy to clean and does not cost you more than $7.99. 

10. Butter Cutter:

Butter Cutter

We are very sure that the name was intended to rhyme. If you love butter but cannot handle the grease that slathers your when you handle it, this butter cutter can help smoothen the process- like butter. Moreover, if you have trouble measuring the right amount of butter for your toast or just about anything else, you can use this to portion control as well. You can get a well-proportioned dollop of butter by just pressing the device after loading it with the stick of butter. 

11. Chork:

Hold on. We have heard about the spork but what is this? It is exactly what you think it is. It has a fork on one end and chopsticks on the other. You might be confused as to how exactly it works but consuming multiple foods in ancient cuisines just became a whole lot easier. It is perfect for you if you are just figuring out how to use chopsticks but still need your comfort zone of the fork around. This clever little gadget is priced at $26.39. Considering the fact that you can use it over and over again, it might just be worth the price. 

Considering the fact that you can use it over and over again, it might just be worth the price. 

12. Finger Guards:

Finger Guards

 Even though we have added this to our list of weird kitchen gadgets, it deserves a place in a list of the most useful ones as well. Even the very best of us are capable of chopping off a finger or just hurting ourselves bluntly using knives. The finger guard can be used by people of different sizes of fingers as it is customizable and it does the job of protecting your fingers when you work with cooking projects that require a lot of chopping and cutting. You just have to slip it on your finger and get the job done. 

13. Heating Knife:

Heating Knife

One way to describe this gadget is to call it Genius. Who does not love melting butter on top of a freshly baked muffin or toast that is just done? People who tend to keep the butter in the fridge to keep it fresh are often disappointed by how the butter simply does not spread over the baked goods and quite ruin the experience. By using this heating knife, you can melt peanut butter, actual butter, or even cream cheese which you can then spread easily. The best part of using the heating knife is that it just takes two minutes to heat the butter no matter how cold it is.

14. Oil Mister:

Oil Mister

 Everybody who wishes to lead a healthy life has a love-hate relationship with oil. Oils are good for you but in the right amount. Getting the right amount can be quite difficult because pouring it into teaspoons and tablespoons is quite the hassle. Do not buy any other cooking spray when you can just pour healthy oils into the mister and get the job done. You can simply spray the oil onto your salads, baking tray, or any food. If you are looking for something more adventurous, add a bit of spice or herbs to the oil and you have a ready-made seasoning at all times. 

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I know that we have listed these little gadgets and labeled them as weird but some of them are quite useful and worth a try if you are looking to enhance your cooking experience at reasonable prices. Moreover, they are fun little additions to your kitchen to give you a more personalized kitchen decor that comes in handy as well and impress your guests, especially children. Everyone is going to ask you where you got the alligator grater from to start with if they don’t see the chork first. 

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